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Photos-and-Pictures Photos-and-Pictures 5 years
nice caple
coach-13 coach-13 6 years
The guy married the most beautiful woman in the world; lucky if you ask me. QUIT HATING!!!
wildflower55 wildflower55 6 years
So they can get it on... whoopie
wildflower55 wildflower55 6 years
I think this is suppose to tell the world we love each other. But it's not working for me.
Kpeg Kpeg 6 years
I think it is so sad to know that Kim can only see $ signs and will do ANYTHINGGGG TO GET THE $!!!! Her Mom is SICK!!!!! She cares nothing for her kids, she can only see $ signs and will pimp her kids out for it!!! Bruce WAKE THE HELL UP AND TAKE THE TWO YOUNG GIRLS AND FLEE THE COUNTRY WHILE YOU CAN OR BOTH OF THEM WILL BE ANOTHER KIM!!! And Kim does not want Privacy she gave that up when she did the whole sex tape thing.....Its just so sad to see our country paying ppl like that family when there is families with NO HOMES, NO MONEY, NO FOOD AND KIDS NEED MEDICAL CARE!!!! WHY DONT THESE TV AND MAGAZINES COMPANIES REPORT ON THESE THINGS AND PUT THAT MONEY INTO HELPING FEED CLOTH HOUSE AND MEDICAL CARE OF OUR FAMILIES ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! AND STOP PAYING TRASH TO DO TRASHFUL CRAP!!!! just saying !!!!!!!
CO-skier CO-skier 6 years
I don't think her mother is disgusting. She's a smart woman who knows how to take advantage of the good opportunities given to her. THE MOST DISGUSTING PEOPLE ARE THEIR FANS, THE IDIOTS WHO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS AND SUPPORT THEM. THEIR IDIOTIC FANS ARE THE MOST DISGUSTING.
lovinglife1 lovinglife1 6 years
Everyone should feel absolutely sorry for Kris he wanted a wife sooo badly he chose the whore of the NBA, NFL and rappers. If his family had any common sense they would have slapped some senses in his head. Just earlier this year Kim was involved with other men now she is so called in love with Kris. Kris they are laughing at you with your damaged goods how can you go through life with a woman everyone on the nfl and nba teams have seen naked be careful you may fall through. She has no morals about herself she made a sex tape with Ray J! I thought she changed when she was with Reggie Bush and I must admit they were a cute couple until she showed her true colors always wanting to be in the spot light. She is going to take you for everything you have. So when you return to court look around you Kris and see everyman your wife has been with they will be laughing at you and not with you. Watch NFL and look at all the men who knows what your wife looks like naked.
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
NYC has enough tranny hookers, keep that bobble head bytch on the west coast...these pics are poorly acted out like everything in her scripted life...she looks THRILLED to have to marry some D-List BB player from the frickin NETS...booo, thumbs the audio of the producers advising Scott to propose to Kourtney (who's waaaaaaay prettier than Kim)...I'd take their money, sure - who wouldn't but I'd rather be attacked by a bear than have to fake half of my life, especially my damn engagement & wedding...and you guys know this is all for the "Kim - Single In The City" that they're working on for when she's divorced...I think they should give her a lobotomy, put her in a chair like one of those "real dolls" and let people take pics with her and whatever else they want for the low cost of $19.95
kimdash kimdash 6 years
I agree with Merlin73 we have to stop paying attention to this but most importantly DO NOT WATCH THE WEDDING SPECIAL at least for the 1st 10 times they air and re play it, so E! dumps her as relevant.
fabmichile fabmichile 6 years
Kim Kardashian is a big joke! She doesn't have any talent at all, grrr.. She just love to flaunt her fat ass, big boobies and her expensive clothers, shoes and bags, so pathetic!
catherine10 catherine10 6 years
AAAAND, is it just me, or is she lacking that bride's glow. Skin is dull, her 10 inch eyelashes are amazingly & as difficult as this is to believe, fake LIKE HER! There is not 1 smile on her face in any of these pics! not since hollywood cameras quit rolling! not 1 smile @ breakfast the 1st morning of your honeymoon. We all know there is a 1 in a million chance of honeymoon soreness. Sheesh, after the football teams, & all the other "almosts" she could never quite be convincing enough to pull off. Her insatiable desire to be married & it didn't seem to matter to whom, will be the only thing of interest to me. How many days it takes naive sweet Kris to figure her out. Hell, no therapy. All u need is a calculator!
catherine10 catherine10 6 years
Poor sweet dumb Kris. Kim has wanted to be married to ANYBODY! She practically held Reggie Bush hostage in the relationship. It has been nothing but a sham of a marriage for her & probably her sisters & Mom were in on the plan. Then there will be rocky times; can't decide if that is before or after she deliberately gets pregnant w/his child so she can have half his millions that he actually works for. I just don't think he knows how she whores herself out in a business & personal manner. I find nearly everything she wears rather obscene. Her gigantic boobs are ALWAYS hanging out. Those r going to look really nice after a baby or two hanging down to her knees, which are only 4 inches away. She looks short, stubby, heavy due to her chest & tooooooo much back. She never looks elegant or classy. She always looks trashy & oozing out of every outfit she wears. I don't, never have, & never will get this Kardashian thing. Kris is psychotic, Kim is a slut & disproportionately out of balance which is ALL THAT that it has become. Khloe is just straight up unattractive, always overweight, bitter, bitchy, judgmental & also jumped on the marriage proposal of probably the first guy that ever asked her out. That was another lengthy "for several weeks now" marriage. Don't get why they feel like they HAD to be married. Then there is Kourtney who seems more normal than anyone. She seems sweet and less venomous than the other 2. Then there is Kylie & the other little girl, by Bruce Jenner. I felt sorry for him. He had to be humiliated by Kim & Khloe's behavior. But now he is allowing them to prostitute his 2 little girls. I saw a spread of Kylie that made her look like a 10 year old lolita. Heavy make up, inappropriate poses & clothes, lipstick that was intentionally heavy & over done. I feel sorry for Bruce & Kris. Kris won't be around long; I don't think aways. Bruce has to be getting oppressively overwhelmed at all the antics of these drama wanna be divas. It seems their Mom is encouraging all the behavior of each & every one & frankly, is the creepiest of them all. What mom would have her daughter or encourage her to be nude in a national men's magazine. I know I would have been ballistic to find my daughter naked w/pearls & animals draping off her! To bad there can't be someplace we can just send the Kardashians & the Palin's to so we don't have to see, listen about them every freakin' day. What pisses me off is there are real world issues regarding food, medical care, economy, employment, science, technology; & all we hear or see r these ignorant arrogantly promiscuous girls. We were laughing last evening about who is the worst has been & biggest slut, Kim or Paris. It's a tie! Go away please. & where are those 10 inch eyelashes in those pics? lmao
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
loool @ private moment. Kris was probably in the bushes taking these pictures and selling it.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Mama Kris and company will definitely milk at least one kid out of this marriage before it implodes.
Merlin713 Merlin713 6 years
Kris Jenner now manages Kris Humphries. Be prepared for more products and reality shows. If we don't want to continue seeing them, we all have to stop commenting and even clicking on the PopSugar stories. Website traffic!!
gatsby-esque gatsby-esque 6 years
Kim is a slag, that is all their is too it. I wonder how stretched out her vajayjay is too. SLAG.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
Burkina, what a tremendous fee for merely a wedding,she is still a half-wit,so not one coin of that money will go to charity.
city--chic city--chic 6 years
I have to admit that the pics are kind of hot! However...I'm still continually amazed by the fact that Kim legit maintains a zero privacy lifestyle. I wonder if she'll regret it someday? I added this to the rest of my favorite/crazy Kim K wedding stories here:
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
Kardashian works for E! and they are running honeymoon photos complete with promos for upcoming Kardashian wedding specials. So, sorry for all of you commentors who demand they have a private moment. Kim doesn't want a private moment. These photos are being used to promote more of the brand. At the network where she works.
pebbles2077 pebbles2077 6 years
jaynelp - if you think this was a 'private' moment you are wrong. If she wanted 'privacy' she wouldnt have had her circus wedding and would honeymoon in some secluded resort where paps would never be able to snap photos. Its Kim K were talking about.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
She made 17.5 million dollars from this wedding. Don't think a lick of it is going to charity.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
His dad said "I feel like hes going to the wolves". The Kardashians didn't let his family be involved in the wedding plans..
Jamee-Ro Jamee-Ro 6 years
^ thank you, kimdash! if some of you actually believe that these photos were are paparazzi "secretly shooting private moments"--and NOT planned by Kim herself--well, it's gullible and naive people like you who keep the Kardashian name going. You really think they didn't set this up? PLEASE.
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