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jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
Give me a nerf bat full of quarters so I can smack her in the face
BRiles BRiles 9 years
She is a tragedy.
taraevans94 taraevans94 9 years
Is there even ONE person out there that likes these two? Seriously? And Spencer holding the curling iron like a total douche. Every other guy in the world officially now has permission to beat him up (according to the rules that came with their GUY CARD!)
sima sima 9 years
LOL...Pathetic...Can't wait to see the video. She has an amazing body though.
jkat jkat 9 years
I sort of love this. She clearly isn't taking herself seriously, and looks like she is having fun. Plus, girl looks good in the tights. You gotta give her that. People need to lighten up and realize that Speidi is in on it. They WANT to be cheesy, and bug people. It's really all a joke. Don't get so worked up about it...
myperry myperry 9 years
I thought we were boycotting since there were no Speidi posts for a while but alas here we go with yet more ridiculous staged photos. Pop - why are you paying money for these shots (i know because we comment and ad money comes in but it's really annoying to know that i'm supporting their cheesiness). Aaarggh - my eyes
KJ1185 KJ1185 9 years
asarwan asarwan 9 years
I think we tried the boycott and nothing happened. Good lord. Someone make it stop. She's known (not famous) because she's a backstabbing friend. (so that's nice) and now just being desperate to prolong her 15 seconds. UGH!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
she should be embarrassed to even be herself. honestly! it's insane. i can understand why they do this stuff - they get paid bucket loads of money for everything. the show - these photo opps - everything. it's just overkill. i think that we need to stage a BOYCOTT of all things Speidi. if there's no demand for them, then they won't get paid and if they don't get paid - there's nothing in it for them. i think that's the only way that we'll get away from this annoying-ness.
lindaloo lindaloo 9 years
Please make it stop!!!!!!!!
lilCROAT03 lilCROAT03 9 years
wow every pic they take is posed. and we look at them. i want to burn my eyes.
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
:barf:OMG!! :shocked: I feel so embarassed for her!! she doesn't have some friends to tell her when she's beyond ridiculous????? :shocked:
brutalcupcake brutalcupcake 9 years
Don't they realize no one likes them?
berrymix berrymix 9 years
It's so sad that Heidi is ok with looking stupid just so she could be famous.
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
You are not Oliva Newton John, Heidi. Give us all a break.
katvb89 katvb89 9 years
SO Sad. I can't beleive I watch the Hills
melissabritt melissabritt 9 years
I wonder if they decorate as cheesy & over-the-top as they act/behave? They must they the weirdest home...I just wonder if it is really fake & uncomfortable to be in. I know this is a weird comment to make but I'm just sick of my usual ones about these 2 morons.
averybojangles averybojangles 9 years
I wonder if Heidi will be singing this one? The last one sounded like Spencer.... I guess we will see.
lizbuff lizbuff 9 years
I know a lot of people don't like this girl(I don't watch the hills), but when I saw these pics, they totally brought me back to the 80s! Super cute, I would love to dress up like this!!!
averybojangles averybojangles 9 years
Now wait a minute. I thought Popsugar said that these pics were of Heidi... These are of Joan Rivers in a leotard. Does anyone else get these pics when they click on the link? Weird.
kathili kathili 9 years
These two.... Hopefully it is better than "Higher," which was an awful hot mess
johnsonkm20 johnsonkm20 9 years
gag me Spencer pretending to be Heidi's hairdresser :-P These two know how cheesy/fake they look & they love it! As long as we keep talking about them -- they'll keep doing it It's a sad cycle!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
:sick: I'm not going to leave another comment in a Heidi/Spencer post until either of them do something noteworthy.
356UIK 356UIK 9 years
Too cute. I love the 80s outfits. Hilarious! :)
juliarose23 juliarose23 9 years
why is spencer doing her hair...?
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