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ahlandubai ahlandubai 5 years
PUBLICITY for obvious reasons as what others' may think about them. But I don't believe, I can see the romance and love while watching the four movies. Communication and Time is the only things that lacks in them, I know they can work things out, after all fantasy can be for real. I am one of their millions fans, and I am still hoping that they can patch up things. I may sound ridiculous but still I would going to say it.. I AM AND WILL KEEP ON PRAYING AND HOPING THAT THEY WILL BE TOGETHER, FOREVER AND ALWAYS. May God Bless your careers to both of you.
antipodean antipodean 5 years
you lot need to get a life, how dare you pass judgement on someone because they fail to live up to your expectations, the only thing he is guilty of is starring in a successful movie franchise, it's you lot out there who decided it was real. they are both young why the need to be tied to each other? both go out have fun like most people of that age group and not bow to the pressure of people who get reality mixed up with fantasy.
divegirl54 divegirl54 5 years
You are so right TheChiOne!! Bravo!!! Well said!!
divegirl54 divegirl54 5 years
I do ot know how any of you that are slamimg Robert can even say this c**p! I see no hand holding, all just speculation, and even if it is would make him a bad guy?? WOW!! Can't you just enjoy him as an actor? Great enjoyment he gives to all!! His privite life is his own. And Kristin's is hers!! None of know what went on. And rightfully so!! I wouldn't like people making up thingsabout me! Thank goodness he is the better person and can live with people being two sided. Always wanting to spread hate. I just hope that the two of them can consider the sorce and be glad they aren't the unhappy person with their life that spreads such bull!! Grow up people!! Enjoy them for their talent. Leave their privite lives alone! They deserve that. Just be happy for them. Two great young people who deserve our respect! Go Kristin and Robert!! Live life as you both wish!! Good luck to both of you!!
TheChiOne TheChiOne 5 years
Does being an entertainment news blog allow you to deviate from proper journalistic standards? It must because this drivel you posted is laughable. I mean I get that times are hard and you need all the web hits you can get, but for a website that seems respectable, your perpetuation of this “omgrobischeatingonkristen” bull s*hit is laughable. It seems that you have went out of your way to do a few things with this post. 1. The attempt at the scandalous headline to acquire those aforementioned web hits. 2. Failing at providing all the relevant information about Mr. Pattinson’s night out. 3. Conveniently cropping paparazzi photos to show only two people in the car. I don’t know why I am shocked but didn’t your journalistic integrity kick in when you neither verified the reason behind the dinner nor verified the other people who were with Mr. Pattinson and Ms. Roemer. A simple click on IMDB would have given you a wealth of information, but then you wouldn’t have had the possibility of a plethora of web hits, would you? Mr. Pattinson and Ms. Roemer having dinner with two Hollywood producers about a potential project just doesn’t draw the clicks to your site, does it? I find it funny that a blog that has cultivated a relationship with the Rob/Kristen or Twilight fan base would go out of their way to post some drivel that is unfounded and quite honestly boring. You have put yourselves in the realm of Perez Hilton. If that’s what you were going for, um, congrats? If not, you might want to do yourself a favor and use that wacky invention called the internet and research before you post. I know, I know, crazy idea. Lastly, you should check out an entertainment news site that does it right and one that will be receiving all my web hits going forward Buh-bye.
carolineishere carolineishere 5 years
It's funny to see people get freaked out over alleged cheating from a non-confirmed couple. Kristen is into girls. You'd think her fans would support her and be ok with that.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
oni2---if you are getting your info. from posters on the E!/Ted C board---take that with a large grain of salt.
oni2 oni2 5 years
sources are saying that Kristen Stewart was texted all this info yesterday morning London time, from Dakatoa Fanning and it is said that she texted Rob and told him not to come back to London while she is there, that it is over, she can't trust him, and will not be with a cheater. She also is to have said, that she does not want to hear from him via phone,text, or any other form of communication, they are threw, finished.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
Being out with a sexy blonde and leaving with her in the back seat of the car---doesn't look very good does it? Maybe Robsten just broke up--
vampbella642 vampbella642 5 years
Hey the man is allowed to have female friends
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
meh, let me know what happens after BD 2 - until then they'll keep spinning the Rob & Kristen stories...I'm sure he's gay, she's gay, Talyor has a love child and everything under the sun will make headlines in another year...still love the idea of them in real life but everything is fake out there so....
lovebittenwolf lovebittenwolf 5 years
A guy can have girl friends you know. Either these posters are complete morons, or freaked out and jealous. Either way, seek help people.
1278368 1278368 5 years
I do not care his relationship with Kristen, I can not stand the hypocrisy of deceiving his fans, who accompanies his interview that he thinks is a serious and passionate person, far from the truth!
APH88 APH88 5 years
wow, this is out of control. he once did an interview where he was asked his definition of love. he said that it's important for each other to have and live their own separate lives in support of one another. this is what he does. he likes to have his friends around him. he likes to go to pubs and just hang out. he can't pick up his guitar and just belt out a song anymore because people can't let him be himself. we've taken that from him, let's not make a hermit of him too by not allowing him to go to even an obscure location to have a lousy beer. my guess is that he told kristen that day he was going out and she is fully aware that this onslought was coming. i'm a fan of his and have formulated my opinion of him only by his own words, actions and behavior and not by the rubbish gossip columns say that he did or didn't do. you go robert.....thanks for the work you do and NEVER quit the photoshoots......i enjoy those the most!!!!
slanggal slanggal 5 years
Robert Pattinson | A Cheetah !
leogirl1 leogirl1 5 years
To naline --- For the record, I'm not "Kstew's fan" and obviously not this guy's fan. My comments were not about his relationship either and I said it again, I don't care whoever he dates. This sites has posted plenty of his interviews and people have an idea of who he is. I've never seen any actor out of line like this pig. Johnny Depp worked with the most beautiful actresses like Angie Jolie and Penelope Cruz, and he is not married, and he is funny, but never once we heard him say anything outrageous like this guy did. Why in world an interviewer asked him if he would destroy s/o's marriage just to pursue that person in his wfe promotion tour. He is a pig, a pervert, a person with no sham, no moral. He basically doesn't know where the line is. He keeps making those inappropriate comments so don't blame people when they had strong reactions. Not every comments are the hating. On the other hand, robby's fans here are all in the rob lala land and in such denial that my comments are all about this girl.You're either in denial or don't know how to read:). Where the effing were all of you when he told the stupid story about the young fan. Yeah, yeah, he was joking. Joking, my a$$. I guess you are all in the basement just like those on Oprah show, walking the fake red carpet and talking pictures with a rob's cutout. What stupid adults. There you go....
Jessie25 Jessie25 5 years
Geez leave him alone.The whole group was part of the night.They fail to mention that 2 producers were also part of the group. Quite funny when there was five people in the car. There's a thing called respect. He's a good guy. He deserves respect. The story is misleading. It's sad but he's 25 and shouldn't feel like a prisoner. It's like he has to be aware of everything he's doing. He should be able hang out with friends without being hassled. He's not doing anything remotely wrong.
Robecca Robecca 5 years
I cannot believe all the children commenting on this site. I can understand following a famous person's career, but thinking that their personal life is any of your business is a joke. I love Rob and Kristen but their personal life is none of my business. I will follow each one of them whether they are together or not. In the end I hope for success and happiness in their lives whether they are together or apart. One minute everyone is slamming Kristen, the next It's Rob being slammed. People are STUPID to think that their opinion even matters. Just worry about your own stupid, boring lives.
Margarethe Margarethe 5 years
he doesn't seem drunk or in any relationship with this girl..whoever see's anything unmoral is clearly not thinking right and needs help. so what if he isn't in a relationship with Kristen. they are no Bella and Edward.....there is where everybody's problem lies. I still think is Kristen's BF ..but really why do you have to get so harsh
Honey2380 Honey2380 5 years
@1278368 neither Kristen & her beau care about you clinically insane fan...get a life
1278368 1278368 5 years
I was deceived by this false, hypocritical, he sucks as a person, a cheap and dirty deceiver! He has no talent and will soon be forgotten, if he depends on me is dead and burie
HeleneB HeleneB 5 years
Kevin Turen is in front of the car and the other one beside Rob is also producer. They are discussing the next project for Rob. This is common to the Hollywood informal meeting.
naline naline 5 years
I'm disgusted reading Kstew fans comment here. And I'm sure Kstew would be disgusted too. Poor guy doesn't deserve this bs.
fishyone2 fishyone2 5 years
I'm a bit confused here. Why are people posting all these negative comments? So he was out to dinner and a mutual friend (who happens to be a woman) was out with the group - so what? Is he not allowed to eat dinner with friends? Like someone said - its not like he was trying to sneak around. Poor guy -- poor K - no wonder they duck for cover. There are some crazy people out there. And anyone who posted and said this shows he is a crazy lying should be ashamed of yourself. You don't know this man - you weren't there - you are not part of his relationship with K. How dare you have the audacity to post as fact things you know nothing about? I suggest finding a hobby because you are wasting a lot of time and energy on making comments that only make you look like an idiot. For the love of all, give these poor people a break. I've never seen such rude and obnoxious people as the ones who post negatively about these two. Seriously - grow up and get a life.
juna012 juna012 5 years
Seriously how old are you people? Having a boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't mean you have to hang out with one person for eternity. I would like to see you do that...get real people! There were 5 people in the car for goodness sake!
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