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Lisa Marie Presley and Her Look-Alike Daughters Have Us All Shook Up
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Norma15227377 Norma15227377 3 years
Great parents and good actors. People are so critical and certainly do not know what people feel or do in their private lives. Good luck and God bless them.
hkd hkd 4 years
OMG Vivi has gone completely Hollywood!!! Can't say I am crazy about this look - is she auditioning for her next role, a young Princess Zsa Zsa von Anhalt??
mslewis mslewis 4 years
I'm really disappointed that popsugar is repeating a stupid story from a rag about breath mints. That's ridiculous and beneath you.
maliya maliya 4 years
brad and angelina are winning,8 years six kids,top of their careers numerous ventures such as wine making.haters can hate all they want its the internet any loser is allowed to troll around
lola25 lola25 4 years
Glenn and Horrible bosses, move on it's been 8 years. As far as us Weekly is concerned, they have NO INSIDE info on the Jolie-Pitt's. Notice how their so-called "scoops" NEVER come true. The paparazzi really shouldn't be allowed to take picture of small children. The children and their parents are beautiful.
samiasi24 samiasi24 4 years
If you don´t like them, what are you doing here? They are awesome people.
Catherine3917924 Catherine3917924 4 years
I am SO OVER Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Can we say HAS BEEN actors....lto me they are same as Lindsay Lohan
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 4 years
Poor Angie !!! No love
maliya maliya 4 years
Its been 8 years time to move on crazies
maliya maliya 4 years
Wtf you lost me with this Bs statement( I don't think I've ever seen a non RC picture of Brad and Angelina holding hands and smiling genuine smiles) probably you are those aniston fans who read tabloids alot,Who are you to know what smile is genuine,people break up all the time even with kids in the picture. Thank goodness for google enjoy
horrible-bosses horrible-bosses 4 years
They look like they are attending a funeral!!!!
maliya maliya 4 years
@glenn39 what are you talking about?? So they need to tongue kiss each other while with there two kids to show you that they love each hmmmm
Glenn3912468 Glenn3912468 4 years
The kids are really cute, but what's the point of dressing them up so they look like they're wearing costumes? And why do they always look so miserable? I don't think I've ever seen a non RC picture of Brad and Angelina holding hands and smiling genuin smiles. They both deserve better than to be with someone they're not fit to be with, although it could be that they are such strong parents that they don't want their kids to grow up in two homes, and therefor stick together. If that's the case, than hats of to Brangelina! More people should stick together for the sake of their kids, not just get a divorce as soon as the honeymoon phase is gone. Applause!
maliya maliya 4 years
awwww love this family so beautiful,knox is a lil dude
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