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tarshier tarshier 4 years
ankie ankie 4 years
the girl said:hi guys i was working at the store when they came in, they were smiling and holding hands till they step out and saw the papz they were only two, rob told them to leave them alone. but if you look at kristen face u can see she just wake up from bed but not crying. kristen was the one who is driving, the way he look at kristen made me believe they are really really together. he really love her.and another said: Rob and Kristen weren't fighting at all. My boyfriend and I ran in to get skittles and red bull really late and we didn't even see them initially when we walked in. Then my bf came up behind me and said "I think that's Rob Pattinson." I told him no, until I saw his face. Then I saw Kristen and I almost passed out. My bf was going to take a pic of them holding hands but I didn't let him. They were so cute and undisturbed. When Rob was trying to take money out of his pocket, he almost dropped the candy and Kristen laughed and tugged on his jacket. She said something really cute but I can't remember. I just read all these reports that they were fighting and I saw the pics where he looks upset, but from what I saw, they were just a normal couple being super adorable. I wasn't going to post this but me being a fan myself, I didn't want people thinking they were unhappy or upset. BTW, I saw Rob picking up a little package of i am so happy,the are happy! :)
Karolina3918815 Karolina3918815 4 years
you don't guys even know if they are together or not. maybe Robert dumped Kristen and now they were just seeing each other as friends bc she begged him for few moments?
kingkayski1000 kingkayski1000 4 years
Kristen ,the next time you go for a walk with Rob ,make sure you look him adoringly in the eyes hold his hands and sing"the more we get together ,together together,the more we get together the happier we'll be"and maybe skip a little bit ,just to give it some punch.Apparenty that's how you're supposed to walked now outside when you're dating somebody,otherwise there's got to be something wrong when you walked normally,(rolls eyes).
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 4 years
WOW... some of you people are quite funny , i can't believe you guys are dissecting every inch of these photos , and what's even funnier you guys are making assumption from a out of focus blurred paparazzi photo about what is going on with these two in these shots .. hilarious ..and @mlamla..or whatever it is Stewart blue truck and she was the one driving and they didn't crop anyone out it's the way the photo was taken . For people talking about professional photography .... Paparazzi are not professional they had a show on 20/20 they spoke to a few of them , some only use their phone for photos , some small digital camera and of course the real a$$holes use blinding flashes with telephoto lens etc..none of them or professional they are just there to make a buck at the expense of others ... so instead of analyzing the photos and trying to figure the reason for the way they look , when every one tend to look the same when they catch these cockroaches taking their photos .. so to me there is no drama here !
Stephany3383615 Stephany3383615 4 years
kgirl123 kgirl123 4 years
OMG the walking dead or what!! They were picking up stoner munchies, as they are both high. Considering how much money these two have, cant they even attempt to look better. Well I guess she bought her new boobies LOL
1278368 1278368 4 years
What I see is this: a couple of boyfriends, living their lives, seem happy and of well with life!! I'm glad, they're happy
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
@abbyabby , lies1434...... is right why are you arguing ..tell me what the agenda is. @angie1990 , do you have an agenda also..because clearly these two do not look in love . By now everybody knows they are together , why play this game. Will it hurt when they show some affection like she shows with Taylor ....or they do it ,to stay in the news
angie1990 angie1990 4 years
the girl who claims to have been working at the store when Rob and Kristen went to buy that night, and says they were smiling and holding hands, until they left the store and saw the two paparazzi. She (the girl who works at the store) says Rob shouted to be let alone and Kristen face had been out of bed, he was not crying. She was driving. I do not know if the story is true, but in any case, it makes sense. First, when they are in the parking lot before entering the store, the face of Rob and Kristen is a very different to when it exits. In addition, there are two angles to take photos. One in front of them and another behind. In any case, Rob and Kristen are news and paparazzi know they can make money with any picture of them. I love to hear from them, knowing they are making a more or less normal life, despite his fame, and that, regardless of how the hunt, at least, this time, and these were not as aggressive paparazzi.I love robsten!!!!!!!!
lovelylu lovelylu 4 years
Aw, they are forever young to me. Rob has gorgeous skin, he's still a looker.
abbyabby abbyabby 4 years
to Lies14343073- Your assessment of the camera used is inaccurate, not at all what a professional pap would use when trying to get a sought after shot of a moving target especially at night. Your claim fits your agenda. No surprise there.
Rose-Mary14344165 Rose-Mary14344165 4 years
what a lovely couple@@@looks like kstew worried in some pics...hope it has nothing to do with their relationship..but Happy to see them both!!!
Tammy3515837 Tammy3515837 4 years
Some of you leaving comments make me laugh. Why is it such a problem that they are together? They are walkingdown the road. Are they supposed to be skipping, singing songs? People out taking pictures usually take pic after pic... And post the ones they want. And who cares if he left with someone else. That doesn't mean shit. Pretty pathetic that people have to be so crazy about a couple of people. Whether it is crazy if they are not together or crazy that they are... Get a life! They are gonna choose what they want just as YOU ALL make your own choices. I am sure you would love people bad mouthing you... And I forgot you all are perfect!
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
they look so in love..not
Lela3733467 Lela3733467 4 years
Oh my God! Very glad to see them together. Robsten love
1278368 1278368 4 years
Kristen so beautiful, she's my pride!! Robert and Kristen are adorable, and loved dear ones!! Long life, Robsten!!
milamilamila milamilamila 4 years
kstew looks like she's pissed and crying in most pics! And I wonder who is Rob leaving with in the car..if it was stew driving, popsugar wouldn't have cropped her out!
val6 val6 4 years
This talentless and lame fake people will soon fade into obscurity.
Emy5158289 Emy5158289 4 years
I love them enjoy robsten
Cynthia14343083 Cynthia14343083 4 years
I love them together, i wish they could be a little more affectionate with one another but i guess only in privacy they are.
Lies14343073 Lies14343073 4 years
abbyabby As a photographer myself may I correct you for a quick second. The two photos I can see here are taken from a distance with low speed, low aperture, and high iso settings. That means no flash was used at all. They were taken from a far distance and Rob & his lovely lady had no idea they were being photographed. Have a great weekend. Cheers.
abbyabby abbyabby 4 years
Such a fabulous couple, but darn those paps. You can tell from some of the pictures that the flash is strong and right in their eyes. Poor things. I wouldn't be too pleased either...
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