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Gloria3305650 Gloria3305650 4 years
You are right Lizzy14390277, everyone needs to back off and leave Robert and Kristen alone they need to mind their own business and leave these two be. They both belong together they were made for each other, they are in love, true love can conquer and they seem to have done just that conquer. I think you are jelouse of them because you want the same thing, or maybe you want Robert for your self well you can forget that he wouldn't want you, so get over it. Robert is in love with kristen and Kristen is in love with Robert so back off you edoit morons just leave these two alone they have gotting on with their lives, and you need to do the same. Love these two and wish them both happiness and peace hope they stay together for a long time maybe for ever I hope they do. I'm their fan and love them both dearly so good luck to both.
Lizzy14390277 Lizzy14390277 4 years
For everyone, seriously leave Robert and Kristen alone, I am happy for them, I think they belong together and are made for each other. Rob isn't gay and kristen isn't a loser, she show Robert that she wants him, and he came back EARLY TO SEE HER! what does that sound like? just for money? no it is called LOVE, maybe you guys haven't heard of it. But I am not being rude to those who said nice comments to those who did, man leave them alone, your only jelouse because you wish you can have that happiness. If i were Kristen I would be so damn happy to have Rob on myside and she relases that and Rob does to. Now Rob and Kristen congrats! Happy birthday kristen, and good luck to you both.
1278368 1278368 4 years
Kristen is so beautiful, she has a beautiful soul, an amazing person and honest!! Yes, I'm proud to be your fan!!
Dsharm14377218 Dsharm14377218 4 years
judging from the latest pictures of this two couple I can only say...this two makes me smile...they are the picture of lovely couple who dont care what the world says about them...
val6 val6 4 years
They are not even able to properly hold hands and act like a real couple! what idiots! apart trepanned Twihards, everyone has realized that they are just untalented assholes who have no other choice but to promote themselves with a fake relationship. Hey Rob, it's not because you're pretending y gently rebel against this pr robsten thing that your man-card will be renewed, ok?
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 4 years
HA!HA!HA! HA! ....LMAO !! Can't stop laughing ... you know what i don't get . all of the comments that say it's PR.. how long does anyone promote a movie after it's been done and over with ?? It's the most ludicrous and absurd thing i've ever heard ....or they have no career , it's over , they can't get jobs ... blah .. blah... blah.. still come on this site and other blogs that are talking about them , if i don't care for an actor i don't follow anything they do or don't do .. period . But for some reason the Robert's fans hate Kristen ..Kristen's fans hate Robert and it goes on and on and on .. my question is how much longer must normal people suffer the ignorance of the lunatic fringe ??.. It's done folks they are living their lives why in the hell can't you ? this whole PR story has "jumped the shark" ... the fat lady has sung loud and clear .... let go of that dry bone it's done ...LOL.. Just in case some of you need a reminder , not all actors want to be a "famous celebrity " .. some just want to be working actors and make good films and most great films are Indies which by the way Stewart likes and so does Pattinson so don't expect them to be in your next Summer Blockbuster crap anytime soon ... Isn't high time some of you "shut your pie holes " ....,Please and thank you !!!!!
Morgan3379196 Morgan3379196 4 years
What exactly is this PR for, idiots? The saga is over, the DVD is out. Oh let me guess, they're under the "contract" until the 10 year anniversary of the first movie. You delusional people are ridiculous. Do you even realize how absolutely insane you look? It's okay not to support something but to be so deep in denial isn't a good look for you.
lore562 lore562 4 years
gokceR it seems that you are in denial. if ypu can't stand looking at these cute pics go away. You are the one who can't let the past in the past. They are more than ok
gokceR gokceR 4 years
they can only pretend for bunch of idiots who has no knowledge of love somebody or any moral values ! They are not the only one make a PR and try to get money of it! They will never buy a respect! they should never forget that! without respect they can sell themselves like this and spend all their lives with lies and fake PR sh*t! Robert pattinson such a big disapointment for all his fans and his family he should be in shame! I am not sure he might sent her to fuck Rupert so he can promote his miserable career with his fake life!! when she comes home she told him what she learn from Rupert because he cant fuck her he is a gay!
gokceR gokceR 4 years
if anybody called Kristen as a woman I am gonna tell them go get a glasses!! she has no style and act like 5 or 6 years child all of them! Rob is aboiut to be 27 I thought he was mature enough but it looks like he doesnt! this all makes me sick I want to throw up his face! tthis pict nothing to do with PDA if you look other real couples PDA this pict all shows Rob get out with bunch of spoil children like he is doing his baby sitting!!! He is worst than them I guess Rob doesnt learn nothing from his great family! he must be shame for them!! I feel sorry for his family but nothing else for him H e is gonna drag himself to under with his homewrecker!
gokceR gokceR 4 years
This is just horrible PR rubbish but nothing else! They cant event act! who holding hand he hgolind his phone! instead of ! Rob lost too much respect of his fans even his family ! " Rob never can buy a respect" with money he got from his PR sh*t! this is the worst PR couple in whole world I never saw this bad it just so obvious !! Come nobody have a sight at all! I would love to see some gossip sites write a true story based on what they really seen!! But thats not gonna happen everybody bury their had into the ground! People disgust with this Rob than any other actor! He just such a fool! Kristen everybody knows she is a bisexual and she has relationship with Tamra!! WTF!!
Tammy3515837 Tammy3515837 4 years
They make a good couple. They are both laid back and have that style about them. If you don't like it oh well. They obviously are happy and together. People will never accept it. Always an excuse....
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
that woman has no style, two classless Hobos
1278368 1278368 4 years
They are beautiful, love them both, Kristen is my passion!! Increasingly relaxed and happy, I wish much luck and success, they deserve the best!!
Che14373692 Che14373692 4 years
Kstew's legs are like...WOW!
Che14373692 Che14373692 4 years
how i wish i have a body just like Kristen's..and a boyfriend like Robert,haha! :D
tarshier tarshier 4 years
They are cute couple! Hope we get to see Robsten pictures like this! Especially the birthday celebration of Kristen on Tuesday April 9!
Seth14373294 Seth14373294 4 years
Good for them! They appear to be settling in to normal behavior for a couple.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
Glad Rob and Kristen are living a normal life with lots of non-famous friends.
Lisa3380273 Lisa3380273 4 years
Must promote the dvd, it's not going well. Fake nasty people only in love with money.
kingkayski1000 kingkayski1000 4 years
I know it's sounds corny but,that's real luuurrrveeee right there what were seeing.When you're man is always aware of what you're feeling,like Rob feels Kristen is uncomfortable with the papz watching them and taking their pictures ,he let go slowly ,so Kristen can walk comfortably.That's why Kristen can never leave Rob,he understands her completely, all her flaws and everything ,he never used her for anything, he just love her for what she is,no condition no nothing.
lore562 lore562 4 years
i just love them they are a normal couple
Eliana14372444 Eliana14372444 4 years
Mii14372403 Mii14372403 4 years
Lindos meus fofos. amores de minha vida ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lindos lindos Surto Robsten s2
barbarulas barbarulas 4 years
robsten forever
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