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1278368 1278368 4 years
Pattinson disgusts me, it is something scrotum and disgusting! I wonder, how I liked him one day??
Jeannie2577438 Jeannie2577438 4 years
I hope he stays gone. He has made a fool out of Kristen long enough. Kristen open your eyes he is not worth your pain. Rob is a user plain and simple. If he wants Katy let her have him. Life is to short to go after someone who does not want you. Get going girl you are better than him. He will be a has been soon. He movies all flopped because he is not an actor. All his movies flopped except the Twilight saga movies. Let his stuck up parents and idiot sisters take care of him. No man on this earth is worth the pain and heartache Kristen has spent on Rob.
niagirl25 niagirl25 4 years
Has no one ever broke up with someone they lived with. You pack up there stuff in garbage bags and call them to tell them they got 30 minutes to come and get ot its going on the curb. Then you give them back everything they gave you including the bike,jewelry,and the dog. Make sure they know its over. He went to her house and picked up his stuff and the dogs. Then you go out looking cute and smiley sans ring just so they know that your not stressed. He was the one looking stressed.
Diana14797497 Diana14797497 4 years
OMG - some of you sheep are really pathetic. There's more than just the Stain's house behind the gate. I'm sure he's just taking EVERYONE's trash to the local dump right? Uh Huh. Try again! And SPY - you are SO correct in that he is better off without her. She has NO projects, no one wants to work with her and any man who does - the wife has the final say probably.
Spy3378307 Spy3378307 4 years
He dumped her at last and is much better off without her. Now she can fade into obscurity where she belongs. She has no upcoming projects, SW2 may or may not ever get made. Universal sure isn't in a hurry. The Big Shoe funding fell through and it's dead, too. The public is tired of seeing her dirty hair and torn tee shirts and now that Rob's dropped her, she's totally irrelevant.
Spy3378307 Spy3378307 4 years
Of course Kristen wants to do a movie with Robert. He's getting cast in movies with A list directors and actor/actresses. She just wants to ride on his coattails. His career is on fire and he keeps getting great roles. She can't keep a role
Bing3095346 Bing3095346 4 years
sad to say the Krisbian are in full force fabricating lies to make Rob look so bad.they are so bitter ,desperate and so pathetic.its like a dejavu after the cheating incident before when they turned the table on Rob blaming him for everything.this time its Katey Perry is the bullying victim instead of Liberty Ross.its irritating that they cant let go if its really true that they broke up.I thought they hate Rob why so bitter for them to let him go.
Andrea-Fernanda14507399 Andrea-Fernanda14507399 4 years
Popsugar idiots!!!
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
I'm sure he found out that Stewart and Rupert actually had sex and that over a long period of time, like Australia to Paris and so on
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
he took both dogs because Stewart mentioned numerous times she is in love with her cats
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
good for him, he can start a new chapter without this baggage of an immature crowd. I'm really glad he came to his senses
Monica14506575 Monica14506575 4 years
@Goldsarah - This is a gated community so there are alot houses behind the gate not just Kristen's. Rob came out of the driveway and other people are going in. No mystery. @Laarni02 - If you want to talk about clinically insane fans maybe you should include the Krisbians. What a bunch of immature crazies. There are definitely total nut cases on both sides of their fandom.
lallaloolly lallaloolly 4 years
that's not a person behind him in the truck, its another suitcase and what looks like a full duffle or laundry bag. it's not unusual for people who have a clear "no comment on my personal life" policy to staged pap pics instead of making an official statement, and rob is sending a pretty clear message with these. he's taken his stuff, he's thrown it in the back of his truck, and he's going to stay somewhere else right now. and rob may have millons, but he also drives a pickup he bought on ebay. he is exactly the kind of famous person who would take care of moving out his necessities himself.
Laarni02 Laarni02 4 years
It is very sad to see any relationship end. And yet there is a feeling of relief. It was amazing how these two survive the scrutiny and voyeurism of the media, the clinically insane fans of Rob. Even if Kristen is made of steel, she would bend sooner or later because it created resentment gradually. Move on. Rob has charmed a lot of fans because of his endearing ways in interviews and some of these fans are so charged with insanity. That is his best asset, CHARM. Kristen will move on further with her career; she is a true artist. Now, I know of a multi-talented actor who expressed interest in her, and THAT would be an excellent pairing. JF, are you aware of this? Kristen is single! -- Laarni
Goldsarah Goldsarah 4 years
Did anyone notice that ther's someone in the car from behind? Pic 5? Why is there cars there? who's house is that?
Goldsarah Goldsarah 4 years
what is that van with dogs' pictures on it? Pic 5?
Goldsarah Goldsarah 4 years
IS he going into his or her house ...Pic 12?
Goldsarah Goldsarah 4 years
OKAY, let's SUPPOSE he's moving out, what the heck is he waiting for in the freakn'' truck? he would just ditch! and the bicycle? ...and he would never want people to SEE that he's moving out! ...So he wouldn't use such a truck , IF he was moving out, at once!... You're all stupid, publishing false news and ridiculous rumors, in no time, we'll see them together again.
smitty055 smitty055 4 years
This photo is soooo insane. It's the same crap x17 attempt this past summer. Guys, what's in the truck? Why would Rob, who has millions, move anything around in the back of a truck for the world to see.They live in an excutive community. Moving with trash bags would be CRAZY!!!! At least last summer they used a U-haul. These photos are no longer on x17's site. Why! X17 is up to their old tricks again. Like you I don't know what is going on, but; I do know that the tabloids are playing with our heads again. Just because they can!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
Rob will be doing a lot of filming soon so obviously dogs will go back with Kristen. They still have to see each other a few times and untangle their lives. This will take time.
Valla Valla 4 years
I also find it hard to believe Rob would "take" both dogs - that would be too mean. I guess since they live close by they could share them back and forth though.
Ashley14506099 Ashley14506099 4 years
wait didnt she fight to keep Bear ?
MBE123 MBE123 4 years
This is so sad!! I really liked them together! Moving all his stuff out after only a week means that this is a serious breakup, not a break!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
Valla: Rob is going from LF2 K's house--to LF1 his house. Not a dump run. His bicycle is in the back of the truck.
Isn't Bernie Kristen's dog? So why would he take her away? lol
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