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Monaliza14585765 Monaliza14585765 3 years
I like her.She is soooooooo simple. I am your fan forever.
charli6 charli6 3 years
do you prefer that she has a smile on her face 24/7 just to prove to people that she's happy? how can she be when people like you scrutinize everything from her decision to have a tattoo and and how she's wearing her clothes. she hasn't been seen partying with friends either...i pity this girl she can never do anything right even though she's been trying to just live her life quietly
cichaveg cichaveg 3 years
If she is happy why doesn't she smile? It seems as if she wants to show off the tattoo since she has that sleeve rolled up and the other down. I don't understand why anyone with such beautiful skin wants to ruin it with tattoos. I wish her the best and I wish they would stop linking her and Rob.
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 3 years
What i don't get with sites like this one is the fact everytime they write anything about Stewart or Pattinson they have to keep repeating the same crap over and over in regards to them selling that house , ect... blah , blah ... and they never fail to slip in the break up story again for the millionth time !! A lot of people have moved on ... the tabloids need to do the same , just tell us what they are doing in the present or in the future not the past !!!!
dalovely dalovely 3 years
If she and Rob are still together..why on earth do they need to conceal or hide it? That sounds abnormal and slightly mental. They have no problem being seen partying and hanging out with their friends but with the person you supposedly love as in bf/gf love..that needs to be hidden?
Jestene14930887 Jestene14930887 3 years
Tracy I thought that to they were still together,because they can be very sneaky at times, she wore her ring and necklace the same one she had in Paris this summer when she left for Germany to do her filming, ans she wore it back under her shirt with some dog tags, but I noticed in this picture she has taken the new ring off, she has a necklace you can see the chain under her shirt but no ring, so I don't know what happened maybe she called it off when she returned, he has been making a lot of new s lately.
Zea14931037 Zea14931037 3 years
hey the eye tattoo at her arms, is that real or just temporary? if it's real, wow thats cool
Jestene14930887 Jestene14930887 3 years
I love the sweatshirt she is wearing. I see she still has the Tatoo on her right arm and wearing the rings on her left middle finger and looks like the necklace under the sweatshirt, I know to much detail, I would like to know if it is the same ring she has been wearing, I know the necklace was the Ram's she wore over Sea's to film her movies
1278368 1278368 3 years
Kristen is beautiful, and especially a great girl, Kristen we are together!! I love her!
strongcouple strongcouple 3 years
We missed your pretty face kristen !!! she is such a natural beauty :) love you baby!
Tracey2538531 Tracey2538531 3 years
charli6 charli6 3 years
if you're implying she's become a lesbian so what? but of course people like you who have a superiority complex would see something wrong with that. at least she doesn't go to bars almost every night just to get wait you applaud that lifestyle because for you that's the coolest thing ever.
african87 african87 3 years
she is a very pretty girl she do not need to dress like she going to walk the red carpet all the time i love her for that.
Snowba11 Snowba11 3 years
The rumored space romance with Hoult is not a done deal, the director is just floating names to see if he can get investors. He's a small time, low budget guy, so even if he gets the money to make it, it will not be a studio film. I doubt Hoult would be interested anyway, he has better offers.
Gillian14985539 Gillian14985539 3 years
While I wish the paps would leave her alone, it is nice to see her out having fun with all her friends. She has filmed two interesting movies and I am excited about the new one, with Hoult.
Ibrahim14985533 Ibrahim14985533 3 years
So pretty
Snowba11 Snowba11 3 years
So Kristen is out with Alicia again. They couldn't stand to be apart, Alica flew over to visit her in Germany while she was filming SM, and now they're out in LA. There are pics of them from an Elle Goulding concert last October, so I guess this is their 1 year anniversay. Glad she has such good friends. Looks like she had that fake tatt made real, she's going to be covered in tatts just like her mom in a few years. Mom was a hippie and Kris is a hipster.
milamilamila milamilamila 3 years
that lesbian is REALLY into her....hmmm...
MBE123 MBE123 3 years
This girl gets cooler and more beautiful every year!
Simča14822997 Simča14822997 3 years
Wow gorgeous, and does not need ton makepu
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