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Jason15176566 Jason15176566 3 years
The look is somewhat good. I say this for 2 reasons. First thing is, she covered up in many major areas; so, she isn't looking trashy or slutty in my opinion at all. The problem with her look is that nobody is used to seeing Selena Gomez show off any of her body n a womanly way. She knows her feature audience and how to market herself to that fan base; so, if it ain't broke don't fix it and that has worked for her for a long time. Which brings me to reason #2 most people would be put off by her look; She is not comfortable with her body or having people view (and ultimately judge) it at all in any way. Take one look at her face. In almost every photo showing her in this dress she doesn't look like a radiant, happy young woman enjoying herself at a party. She looks like a 14 year old girl who has raided her mom's closet late one night during a sleep-over with her girlfriends. Trashy.... no, but different and kind of odd; very much so. I give it a thumb's up though. Simply, because I like it when people step outside of their comfort zones. You learn a lot about yourself than and It takes courage to challenge what is familiar, to be the person you are no matter what people think. Good for her.
Joseph15169651 Joseph15169651 3 years
She is looking very grown and sexy. I think her make up ages her a bit but still very attractive face. I think fans maybe not used to seeing grown up like this. The high waist skirt fits her backside nicely. Cute shoes.
Jasmine15162307 Jasmine15162307 3 years
She is wearing alot more than what u see celebs wearing on red carpet she looks classy and conservative as far as everyone saying she is child she is 21 years old she is a woman everyone is mad at people like selens and miley saying they look like 12 year old boy or whatever else people are just mad because some age more gracefully than others add 100 lbs to the girls and some age wrinkles oh they don't look like kids anymore wtf ignorance cause people choose to take care of them selves
Rhett15160261 Rhett15160261 3 years
She looks like jail bait...that face is to kiddish
tyler15160002 tyler15160002 3 years
wow to the critics. you think she looks like she is 12 or 14? you are delusional. Selena Gomez is incapable of looking unattractive. She could look like a homeless person and I would still marry her on the spot. Most beautiful woman alive. WOMAN, that is right shes 21.
Theresa15159783 Theresa15159783 3 years
She was a sweet young girl, who behaved and dressed her age, this is totally slutty and ugly. I thought she had more class than that, but she thinks she is better than everyone else now, so time to move on to the next one turned into YUCK!!!!!!!
Ken15159565 Ken15159565 3 years
Selena Gomez look hot
Ken15159565 Ken15159565 3 years
u look hot
Hijodelaisla15159521 Hijodelaisla15159521 3 years
rmkraussr rmkraussr 3 years
she's an exhibitionist . . . that's a woman who like to show off her body
Cindy15159499 Cindy15159499 3 years
Sexy??? She looks 12 years old people! Only a perverted guy would think that she is sexy! She's a child! Wow, people are so sick in this world!
K-Thomas15159429 K-Thomas15159429 3 years
This girl is another Media made creature. As she gains weight, which is ineveitable, because of her breed, and people ( teens that will grow up) will realize she is no musician and another beautiful one appear, there are one will even care about her" music" the little boy friend of her already has abandoned her. I hope to see less of her on TV and talk shows. Please go to shool nd get married and make no mre than two kids. You have plenty of money, dont take the first one who comes for your dough.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 3 years
Okay, I have nothing against her especially because I don't know her at all. What I am about to post is not from a jealous standpoint or because I am mean spirited; it is my opinion and that's it. Her music is simplistic and synthetic. Her voice is monotone and flat. I never thought I would say this but I think that even Taylor Swift has more talent than Selena Gomez. I've found that most of her fan base is made up of 5 to 14 year old girls who couldn't appreciate true talent even if it hit them in their faces. As far as being sexy is concerned, I am hoping we will see the end of her being exploited. She looks so much better just being Selena Gomez. I liked her on Wizards of Waverly Place and in the few movies she acted in but I can't stand seeing her look like another Sluttywood tramp. Yeah, I don't like her music but otherwise, she's okay when she's a real person and not trying so hard to be a bimbo!!
Jackie-Marie15157379 Jackie-Marie15157379 3 years
Why are some of you so mean spirited, can't we look for the positive in people, women having been showing cleavage and such before Victorian Times. She is young and Beautiful to most people , she does not appear to be stupide or a slut , I hope for many of you ( not all Thank fully ) 2014 can bring a more positive Beautiful, excepting heart and spirit in you regardless of our own beliefs and taste. Let people just "BE" and don't click on articles of people you hate or want to crucify . Take your anger or negative side and go after child molesters, animal abusers, Elder abuse, Our food , like Monsanto, GMO, (watch Food Inc.) There are far more important things you could do for mankind then belittle people on a public forum. However cemeteries and people with missing limbs and such have fought to give you the right to have a Heart full of negative comments. Regardless, hope all of you have a New Year of no real problems . Peace, Health and Love, mercy and compassion be with you always.
Steve15157369 Steve15157369 3 years
is there a scary side we don't know about?
P15154286 P15154286 3 years
she has a very pretty face but that dress is fugly.
P15154286 P15154286 3 years
ChickSyx15154229 ChickSyx15154229 3 years
She has too much of a little girl's face to be sexy - it just looks WEIRD when she tries to be sexy -only a pervert would think she is!
Tom15151536 Tom15151536 3 years
Too bad she can't Flaunt her brainy side.
15149086 15149086 3 years
Woman can be sexy with clothes on. Too bad they are stupid and can't figure that out. Don't worry she will be getting boop job soon.
15149086 15149086 3 years
Another stupid young Actress. I guess that is why she dated Justin. Sex sales even if she is over rate. They have no one in their life that can control them. All they have are miniulators that want to increase revenue streams. Sad sad.
JenniferDoane JenniferDoane 3 years
she looks like utter shit here. no shes not fat in anyway and anyone who says so is deluded but her hair looks greasy and nasty and like an old lady style, her lipstick screams morticia adamas and just eew!
alexis2 alexis2 3 years
@G-money: you are obviously a tr0ll. i dont care for this chick either, but, she isnt fat. unless fat is about a junior size 3. that girl doesnt weigh more than 110 lbs on a FAT day.
alexis2 alexis2 3 years
ok, seriously? the girl is cute but she looks 14. she isnt 14, but she looks it. a 14-yr old playing around with grown-up clothes and makeup is what she looks like. also, i laugh at small-breasted women as much as i do women with gigantic fun bags. when either puts them in a top like that, it always looks sl*tty. and what exactly does she do in entertainment? sing other ppl's songs or something to that effect? sure, im jealous. of her $$$. not of those boobs or her allegedly boinking Bieber.
Lorie15143873 Lorie15143873 3 years
Such a natural beauty. Love the dress!!
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