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Gerard15243614 Gerard15243614 3 years
looks like the Chief of darkness brokered another deal. and now she has her heart full of her dreams coming true. unfortunately the price to for that is her Soul. Enjoy Miley because when it's time to pay for this with your Soul, that will be a day where all this is gone, passed away. And instead of living through Christ you took fame, fortune and success as payment to mislead all them who followed you down to the pit of death. Parents guide your children and monitor what goes into their minds. It is written; Proverbs 19:18 Discipline your children, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to their death
KialaPecha KialaPecha 3 years
definetly not a role model for little girls or young ladies!! Use to think she was actually gonna out okay but guess her dad can't keep her in line!!
Vincent15165938 Vincent15165938 3 years
i cant believe anyone finds her attractive
Eric15162291 Eric15162291 3 years
so what!! weed is legal in Amsterdam!!! how is it disrespectful? and for who is it disrespectful? if you dont like what she does to fucking bad its her choice to live how she wants!! WEED IS LEGAL IN AMSTERDAM!!!
Imanni15159988 Imanni15159988 3 years
Grow the hell up Miley... what happened to that farm girl on the prairie? that girl that was the best of both worlds... You are older and now have a set of tits, but in your mind, you're still a child.
Stewart15126403 Stewart15126403 3 years
she needs to go ahead and make a porn and get it over with, did you see that big p***y?
Randee15125109 Randee15125109 3 years
I just think that, that is extremely disrespectful. You don't go up to accept an award, and start smoking, we get that she isn't a little girl, but there have been plenty of other people that grew up being on Disney, and when they decided that they didn't want to be known as that person. they didn't start twerking with a bunch of teddy bears, and looking like an idiot and being as inappropriate as they possibly could. They just acted their age,
KatrinaMiller2438 KatrinaMiller2438 3 years
All I have to say.... is that Miley's tween fans are now also grown. If your tween or younger is still looking to her to be a tween, you are the one who is in denial. Not Miley. Find your children a 'current' tween/teen role model. Obviously Miley is a bit old to be that now. Regardless of how many Hannah Montana movies and things are still out. Remember, she's not a little girl anymore folks. She is of age... parent your kids. Don't just put them in front of a tv for the sake of convenience. Geez.
Guadalupe15104735 Guadalupe15104735 3 years
HeatherVeentjer HeatherVeentjer 3 years
I usually don't mind what Miley wears, to each his own, but...can you say CAMEL-TOE!
Yung15104398 Yung15104398 3 years
I think everyone that hates this is dumb and misses the point ages in Amsterdam stupid its legal!!!!!! Good job miley keep up the hard work!!!!!haters gone hate so let em b!!!!!
jib15104259 jib15104259 3 years
One thing is to smoke weed, which is fine. But to smoke it on stage in front of a fan base which is probably predominantly under aged teens... Is just plain STUPID.
Nicole15100388 Nicole15100388 3 years
Look's to me as if someone is trying to be like snoop dogg.
Jay15083034 Jay15083034 3 years
What the...I liked Miley when she did Hanna Montana but now I think I have to change my mind..
Kyle15082706 Kyle15082706 3 years
Who cares if one has a Joint, but If some must know, Some places you have to wrap your own cigs... Either way, who really cares. Media, Papperazzi are a bunch of Pricks! I think they are the cause of some doing this.
Brianna15079437 Brianna15079437 3 years
Bet your dad is so proud of the woman you've become , haaaaa
Terri15077682 Terri15077682 3 years
What the hell is wrong with her????????
Kourtney15075876 Kourtney15075876 3 years
Is she digging at her wedgie?
George15073419 George15073419 3 years
OMG I want that lil woman posing with her! :)
Primul15071441 Primul15071441 3 years
wow she sparked one up in a place that is legal to smoke weed? OMG you rebel you!!! NOT! ... I would be far more impressed if she fired it up here in the US on one of OUR award shows.. Shes FAKE she wants to be a bad ass but still chicken shit to do it where pot is illegal.. You want to be a bad ass ? Fire it up on stage at MSG lol. Miley is like a Nascar Race, we only watch so we can see the Crash when it happens.. Trailer trash..
Jonathan15046386 Jonathan15046386 3 years
This is disguisting. She couldn't wait until after the award show?
Aunu1 Aunu1 3 years
I love ya Miley. Just wish you'd leave your tongue in your mouth.
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