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Cassandra57 Cassandra57 10 years
OMG, she's become one of those ditzy chicks who carries pocket dogs with her everywhere. ::sad:: I miss Buffy.
buffyrulez buffyrulez 10 years
dogs are so cute. and unfortunately i have to agree-she should wear the coat all the time, cause this thing that she wears later is very weird!
ispyemo ispyemo 10 years
wtf is she wearing?
Sica Sica 10 years
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 10 years
Love her, don't love the outfit
krisua krisua 10 years
Weird pants I'd say...
buffybot buffybot 10 years
Thanks brunettefury for clearing up everything I would have. Sarah is all natural and beautiful. These are some of my favourite pics all year. Keep em coming pop!
brunettefury brunettefury 10 years
Huckelberry "The puppies aren't her's, they're from Harrod's pet store. Mohammed Al Fayed makes everyone who opens the sale pose with puppies."
Schaianne Schaianne 10 years
Yuck!!! Keep the coat on! =P
HushStorm HushStorm 10 years
just lovely!
Huckleberry Huckleberry 10 years
hate the outfit. what is up with the two pomeranians around her neck?
SoftRockStar SoftRockStar 10 years
I love SMG to pieces, but she really should have kept the coat on. The strapless jumpsuit isn't working and I don't think anyone could make it work. But I give her points for trying.
msmagoo msmagoo 10 years
they are Pekingese pups. Cutest Pekingese pups I've ever seen.
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 10 years
Awwwww, I love her and Freddie so much!
mmb974 mmb974 10 years
Firstly, I LOVE the coat. Secondly, I had a look at some older photos and the only difference I can see is that her top lip looks a bit plumper, apart from that, I think she is just getting older, although not old :)
msshellokitty msshellokitty 10 years
I like SMG.I'm not feeling that silver outfit though.
mominator mominator 10 years
I do not like that outfit. It really pales her out. I rather her blonde. Glad to see her out and about again. I like her as an actress. I just wish her and freddie would have a baby. I bet it would be cute a baby.
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
She looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the outfit. I love SMG.
sammi101 sammi101 10 years
i think the outfit is hot. She looks really young
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 10 years
the coat looks muuuuch better than the weird onepiece jumpsuit things she's got on underneath.
tiabia tiabia 10 years
I Love SMG, she's absolutely adorably in my book...and she has a hot husband. I would like to know what breed of fox, I mean dog it is that she's holding!!!
mdbzmom mdbzmom 10 years
What kind of dogs are they? I thought one was a hat?
brunettefury brunettefury 10 years
superfuzzykoala - She filmed a couple movies back to back last year and the year before she's not so much needing work, more like she's working it. If she didn't have any films coming out at the end of this year, she wouldn't be out and about as much as she has been. It's probably all toward promotion for her new films. Re: "work done" Huh? Her lips look the same as they always have in other photos I've seen. If anything, she might have used some lip plumper...they really *aren't* that thin in the first place. The puppies aren't her's, they're from Harrod's pet store. Mohammed Al Fayed makes everyone who opens the sale pose with puppies. I love the jacket...and everything from the waist up. The material on the hot pant is just unfortunate. Oh well, Sarah makes it work, I guess. Her CL's are sexy as hell!
mom2 mom2 10 years
i try never to say this about anyone - but she's really ugly - i think she's a snot so i guess its ok! ekk - i feel mean now!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
I totally didn't know those were dogs I thought she had a fur on or something and then I'm like why is she kissing her fur in that one picture and then I realized they were dogs!!!
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