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krisua krisua 10 years
If she would only quit smoking :(
aras8218 aras8218 10 years
I totally feel her frustration, thats bullsh*t.
coldgirl coldgirl 10 years
I think the come back I was hoping for is never going to happen. She is just too much of a train wreck.
amofoz amofoz 10 years
I completely agree with melissabritt and I don't understand the people that use the "everyone makes mistakes" excuse and the paparazzi "hounding" her excuse. This girl does some over the top things to get attention and once you start this with the paps they won't let you go. She obviously has not learned a thing about her past mistakes and the fact that she is pissy one day at the paps and the next day she is all smiles undressing in front of them (for no reason) is beyond unstable and crazy.
Renees3 Renees3 10 years
In that video I was watching her smoke and most of the time she's not even inhaling. So is she just smoking to look cool or what? God she needs to get her life together. I feel bad for her family.
SexBiscuit SexBiscuit 10 years
Time and time again, because you can breed doesn't mean you should. She's a pathetic excuse for a mother.
Gigger Gigger 10 years
No life jackets on small children in the boat. The boat ride only lasted 30 minutes, so much for spending time with the kiddies. Stick them in their car seats in a HOT black car and then take time to smoke, doesn't take a genious to figure out why the kids are crying. Take a fussy kid out of their car seat and sit them on your lap. The kids cry when she is holidng them, and do not look comfortable in her arms. Give the kid to the body guard befroe climbing out of the boat....I could go on and on!!!
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
First she should cover up more, but her children are soooooooooooooo adorable!!!
mw13 mw13 10 years
I feel so bad for those two boys. Their mother obviously has some serious issues to deal with and it isn't fair that they have to subjected to her carelessness and juvenile outbursts. I don't care if she's "country" or not, she should not be speaking like that in front of her two impressionable, young boys. She just got mad because she was caught, yet again, doing something illegal.
quianafaye quianafaye 10 years
i am so torn by her. i want her to not be crazy anymore, but i don't think that is possible. she is too outrageous. that accent with that language is a complete joke. who would take her seriously? at any rate, it bugs me how she refused to perform since she would have to sing with cyndi lauper. wtf? stop smoking then. stupid.
Deba Deba 10 years
The pictures speak for themselves... JJ doesn't know who the fuck is holding him!!!! She still hasn't hired a stylist, so that mean we'll still see her in that train wreck fashion she loves Hustler should offer Brit already a cover so she can take off everything and be happy.
dirtbikemommie dirtbikemommie 10 years
someone said that they feel sorry for brit b/c she has made some bad mistakes and whatnot-HELLO, she is STILL making those mistakes. she doesnt learn from them. she is the last person i would trust with kids on a boat. and her mouth, wonder what her kids first words were??!! her kids sure have a lot of pictures with their mom that they are going to be "proud" of when they get older.
hunky-z hunky-z 10 years
GEEZ,she is crazy. tired of her ugly boobs and @ss,GOSH hide them please.
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 10 years
The video of her behaving like that is terrible.
anony1111 anony1111 10 years
her boys are sooooo cute, they look just like each other. britney used to be cute as well. not anymore. do we always have to see her underwear, butt, or boobs in every picture? her boobs are almost popping out on the left picture. britney should have learned not to wear such provocative clothing since she's exposed herself so many times. but i guess she doesn't care. her body is for the world to see.
allen_s allen_s 10 years
Im not so against smokeing,but she is a mess,she is carzy,she can't be a mother,if it was just smokeing.....ummmmm..... it was ok,but come on she has lots of problem,she is gross,nasty and a whore.
CamillaCat CamillaCat 10 years
Trainwreck again...she's almost popping out of her shirt!
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
For the record, I'm not saying her kids should be taken away from her. I'm just criticizing the choices she makes publicly.
tiabia since the day I was born, my dad has smoked cigs. He knows the risk, and so do I..but it's hard to quit! Yes second gand smoke can kill you, but I didn't have a choice! Just be glad she wasn't smoking while she was preggers, thank god it was afterwards. :)
tiabia tiabia 10 years
The smoking bothers me because she knows the risk. Back in the 80's and early-mid 90's, parents knew the risk, but they weren't as informed as they are now. Now that we have evidence that shows that smoking may not only be harmful to the smoker, but also to those in close proximity (possibly even effecting companion animals), I think as a parent, you should try your damnedest to quit, ASAP. The cursing doesn't really bother me, because you can't always contain your anger, although it looked like she started doing it just to get a laugh out of her passenger. My BIGGEST issue are the pictures that show one of her children YET again riding IN HER LAP WHILE SHE'S's like she doesn't even care!!!
Well, we all curse. Maybe she just wanted quiet time with her sons. Nothing is wrong with that! My dad smoked and cursed when I was growing up, and they never took me. Get a grip folks! Jebus.
Awww! I love how they look so much alike! :)
Ginger Ginger 10 years
You guys are making light of the real issue. Of course child protective services isn't going to take away anyone's children because the parent swears and smokes. But that is not the extent of danger she puts her kids in. Look at the x17 video of her toddler crawling up a slippery fiberglass staircase on a moving boat with no life jacket and his mom nowhere in sight. Driving with the kids not properly tied into car seats. Not having a safety fence around the swimming pool. Those are the kinds of things they are obliged to investigate if reported. Considering she's in a heated custody battle, it's not the time to be lax, unless she's really hoping K-fed gets full custody.
oh_its_me oh_its_me 10 years
so many perfect ppl on here, i feel reasured that the children of the world will be safe from cursing, off with britneys head :oy:
hvnly34 hvnly34 10 years
If they took kids away from people who cursed or smoked in front of them, very very few people would still have their kids. :oy:
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