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littlebmac littlebmac 10 years
Yes I think that K Bell looks really cute. Does anyone know where I can find her top?
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
that is a hideous denim dress!!!!!
Fab-girl Fab-girl 10 years
No one told Albacore that she left the house wearing her grandma shoes? She needs to eat some food.
notoriousrem_22 notoriousrem_22 10 years
Jessica once again is wearing a horrid outfit. Cute dress to bad she just f*cked it up by wearing those LAME ass shoes and no matching accessories.
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 10 years
Kirsten is adorable. Love her.
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
Nope, never heard of Cameron dissing her roots and I've read a lot of articles on her (mainly because she's best friends with Drew B and I'm a huge Drew B. fan). :)
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
I was watching this tonight on G4TV. :)
aphrodite aphrodite 10 years
dane cook is a hack. the guy is not funny at all.
msmoney23 msmoney23 10 years
Sorry you guys, I had to go somewhere. Anyway, what I was saying about Eva was how she tried to "hide" Tony's ethnicity to her family. Right, like Tony is plain ol' French. Cameron doesn't diss her latin roots? Well, that's a relief.
vireland vireland 10 years
ehhh I don't like Kristen Bell. Love Rosario...she seems like a fun person to hang out with..she always seems very humble and down to earth in her interviews.
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
Aww. Kristen is cute.
tiabia tiabia 10 years
Rosario!!!! Has she ever been linked to a man isn't The Hotness, LOL
tati33 tati33 10 years
who's good tiabia? right on Loren.. :SICK: to J. Alba
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
doesn't she know that the reason she's made it is cause of her "exotic" looks. She'd better than her mexican relatives for that. idiot.
sweetnluvly07 sweetnluvly07 10 years
My boyfriend banned me from this page.. he's tired of me talking about alba.. which made me feel good cause now i know he doesnt like her.. ohh and ... shhhhh.. dont tell him i was here! :)
tiabia tiabia 10 years
DAMN...the girl is good!!!!
tati33 tati33 10 years
holy shiz jmast - Andrea is :DROOL:
tati33 tati33 10 years
:ROTFL: tiabia!
tati33 tati33 10 years
jmast - :WOOHOO: for NYers!!! I'm from NY too & half Central American..
tiabia tiabia 10 years
The truth is my reasoning for not liking her have nothing to do with Latina comment. I was a little disappointed in her saying it, and then adding that "Cameron Diaz" was more Latin than her...sounded like she wanted to distance herself, but that was my interpretation. My issue is that she's overrated and she can't act her way out of an ankle sock. I'm interested to see if her habits change now that she's a single lady on the prowl.
jmast jmast 10 years
I read on wikipedia that Rosario is currently dating Andrea Boccaletti...he's a hottie. Here's his pic:,%20Andrea
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
gerard was also linked too naomi campbell. i like his likes his women "tanned" LOL
jmast jmast 10 years
Yeah, Rosario's father is of Native American and Irish ancestry and her mother is of Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban ancestry. She was born in me!! :)
jmast jmast 10 years
Tiabia, seriously? Rosario was hooking up with Gerard Butler? Dang, lucky lady. (I'm having my own personal laugh because my husband's name is Rosario, he's Italian, and I read my line over and it was just me at least..ha) I like Jessica, maybe what she said was taken out of context. Who knows. I kind of understand where she's coming from. I think if she started saying that she's Mexican, people may have had a problem with her since she wasn't born in Mexico, etc. My parents are from Puerto Rico but I was born here and unfortunately don't even speak Spanish, but I still tell people I'm Puerto Rican, born and raised here and don't speak Spanish. My friends call me the Plastic Puerto Rican :)
JennaV JennaV 10 years
LOVE Jessica!
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