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clarinha clarinha 9 years
I dont think he takes HIMSELF too serious, I think he takes HIS JOB very serious. He is no spolied brad, who will take things for granted, he works hard, is professional, tries to pick good scripts (Ben Afleck should have done this)and really seems to care more about acting than fame.Isnt this what everyone wanted from Lindsay? Also if I am an investidor and I am putting 80mil of dollars in afilm, I WANT that the actors take very seriously
allhailtoyin allhailtoyin 9 years
No Leo!! Take it off!! Take off the clothes too actually.
Fashionista8705 Fashionista8705 9 years
I used to have the biggest crush on him when I was younger! I dunno...I kinda think he's hotter when he is beat up. lol
bradange bradange 9 years
He's not 6'1, he's 5'11!
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
he looks good beat up.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
he doesn't look attractive at all here.
bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
The headline is really attention-grabbing.
almostloli almostloli 9 years
the power of make up! haha i do think that leo is one of the best actors out there
bradange bradange 9 years
I agree he takes himself too seriously. He strikes me as the kind of guy who'd do everything for a good image. Good actor most of his movies.
Bee720 Bee720 9 years
They were filming this movie right across the street from my office (on Pennsylvania Ave in DC). I kept making trips to starbucks to get out and see if I could see him or Russel Crowe but no such luck. One of the crew members told me no one famous was in the scene :(
ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 9 years
it's a good look on him.
Natalie436 Natalie436 9 years
Tiny? Not so much. Leo's at least 6'1". He was a late bloomer and shot up since Titanic. Chubby? Not so much. I've never seen any films he's been in when he was close to chubby. He was cute before but now he's totlly handsome man. Great actor too, can't wait to see him in this movie. For someone who got so much attention and fame (after Titanic came out) he's turned out pretty good!
skinnyforme skinnyforme 9 years
you know.. he's gotten chubby over the years.
dmblauren dmblauren 9 years
he's a fantastic actor. people were little when titanic came out? wow, i'm old!
denisesugar denisesugar 9 years
Eons ago I saw a Titanic costume display. Leonardo is a tiny, tiny man. Not appealing whatsoever.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Oh god. I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him when I was little! Mmmmm...from Titanic!
schultzie11 schultzie11 9 years
Leo is awesome! :) I cant wait to see this movie!
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
that's just the way he should look in real life ; fat and battered. ugh.
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 9 years
he takes himself to seriously
Orangecrush43 Orangecrush43 9 years
He still looks good,the older he gets the more handsome he gets
MistyEdge MistyEdge 9 years
he used to be so cute. As his face gets more of that full sqaured look, the less attractive he gets. (to me)
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 9 years
I love me some Leo.
sibalc sibalc 9 years
he looks aged
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 9 years
*sniff,sniff* do I smell Oscar?
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