Just 41 Incredible Photos of Post Malone Performing — That's All

Mar 21 2020 - 6:35am

Post Malone [1] may be often imitated but never duplicated [2], because the 24-year-old musician is absolutely one of a kind. The "Circles" singer [3], who is famous for his many tattoos [4], recently opened up about the ones covering his face, in particular, telling GQ that it comes from a place of insecurity. We, on the other hand, think Posty should be proud of how he looks [5] in addition to how he sounds, because he's swag as hell and makes insanely good music. Whether he's collaborating with other artists [6] or cranking out bangers of his own, Post Malone is just out there making great music and amassing some of the coolest performance photos we've ever seen. For a collection of our favorites, keep reading.

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