Even President Obama's Trying His Hand at Singing "Shake It Off"

Technically, President Barack Obama isn't exactly singing, but he definitely has the "Shake It Off" chorus down pat in this funny video from The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon shared the clip on Tuesday's episode of the show, explaining that Obama's "Vote!" message isn't quite catchy enough. The perfect solution for a catchier message? Taylor Swift, of course — the queen of catchy. (But don't worry — there's a cure for loving Taylor Swift called Swiftamine.) Over the past couple of weeks, there have more than a few "Shake It Off" covers, most recently with Walk Off the Earth's take and Kelly Clarkson's gorgeous rendition. It was only a matter of time before Obama — or, at least, Jimmy — got in on it, right? Watch the clever mashup above, and then check out more viral videos!