Prince Harry Is Officially More Popular Than Kate Middleton

Considering that every little thing that Kate Middleton does makes international headlines, you'd think she would be the most popular member of the British royal family. However, a new poll conducted by Newsweek revealed that she's not the top pick for British adults — in fact, she's not even in the top three! The survey found that Prince Harry is the most popular member of the British royal family, with 20 percent of respondents listing him as their top choice. He was followed by Queen Elizabeth II, who got 17 percent of the vote, and then Prince William, who was named the top pick by 10 percent of respondents. The Duchess of Cambridge came in fourth place with only nine percent of the vote. (It should be said that the most popular response was "I don't have a favorite member of the royal family," which got 32 percent of the vote.)

The newest poll helped shed some light on what British adults really think of Kate. Interestingly enough, while Kate was more popular with women, more female respondents than men felt that the duchess was being held back from expressing her opinions. Twenty-two percent of women polled felt that Kate was not allowed to vocalize her opinions enough, while only 15 percent of men felt the same way. However, while the queen beat out Kate for popularity within the royal family, the duchess ranked higher on respondents' list of public figures who are good role models for young women — Kate won the No. 2 spot behind Olympic runner Jessica Ennis-Hill, while the queen came in fifth behind J.K. Rowling and Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington.

To be fair, we can understand the appeal of Prince Harry, who has morphed from a cheeky little kid into a dashing prince over the years. There's a reason so many women think of him as their real-life Prince Charming!