We'll Never Tire of Princess Charlotte's Many Adorable Facial Expressions

Just like her big brother Prince George, Princess Charlotte's personality shines through every time she makes a new appearance. The young princess and professional bridesmaid has definitely mastered the perfect princess wave, but she's just as likely to poke her tongue out or tease photographers as she is to pose for the perfect portrait . . . after all, royal or not, she's just a kid!

The young royal can't hide what she's thinking, whether she's overjoyed at a polo match or overtired at Trooping the Colour. We've been lucky enough to witness many of Charlotte's sweet moments as she's gained confidence and begun to really ham it up when she spots royal photographers, flashing smirks, and poking out her tongue in the grand tradition of second-born royals we've come to know and love (we're looking at you, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, and Prince Harry). Keep reading for a look back at some of Charlotte's most memorable facial expressions!