The Moving Way London Is Honoring Princess Diana on the 20th Anniversary of Her Death

Thursday, Aug. 31, marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's sudden and tragic death, and there was no shortage of heartfelt tributes from fans and mourners in London. Thousands of well-wishers gathered at Kensington Palace to leave flowers, notes, and messages of hope; understandably, many people appeared emotional while checking out the array of gifts left at the gates of the palace that Diana called home until she was killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997 and where both of her beloved sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, currently reside.

On Wednesday, William, Harry, and Kate Middleton stepped out to pay tribute to Diana at her honorary garden and were photographed looking at the growing piles of flowers and letters outside of Kensington. The photos were eerily similar to those taken on the day the boys arrived back home from Balmoral a few days after their mother's death. See all the heartwarming tributes from Londoners in honor of the late, great princess.