The Queen's Last Beloved Corgi, Willow, Has Passed Away — RIP to the Royal Pup

Queen Elizabeth has put her beloved corgi, Willow, to sleep after suffering from cancer-related illnesses. The Welsh corgi breed has been in the royal family for almost eight decades, with 14-year-old Willow's death being the "end of an era" as the last in the family. According to the Telegraph, she was related to the Queen's first dog, Susan, which was an 18th birthday present to then-Princess Elizabeth. It's reported that the Queen is taking the loss "extremely hard," as Willow was "her most devoted companion."

She has owned more than 30 corgis in her lifetime, but Willow was the last remaining of what was once a 13-pack of pups, as Holly passed away in 2016. Both Holly and Willow appeared alongside the Queen in famous photos taken by Annie Leibovitz for her 90th birthday. The dogs also appeared in a clip with the Queen and James Bond at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The Queen currently has two dorgis (corgi-dachshund mixes), named Candy and Vulcan.