Can Someone Please Cast Queen Elizabeth II in a Fast and Furious Movie Already?

Queen Elizabeth II isn't your average 91-year-old monarch. Although she's passing on a lot of royal duties to her younger family members, there are a few things she refuses to give up, especially when it comes to her wheels. While attending the Royal Windsor Horse Show on Saturday, she was seen putting the pedal to the metal herself, rather than using a chauffeur. While her husband, Prince Philip, might prefer a leisurely carriage ride, the queen is all about driving her custom-built Range Rover, which has a diesel hybrid engine to allow her to get close to the public without choking them with fumes. Regardless of how you feel about the royal family, it's hard to deny how badass she looks behind the wheel. There are reportedly two more Fast and Furious movies in the works, so might we suggest they look into casting the queen next? Something tells us she'd give Dom Toretto a run for his money.