LOL! Rihanna Goes Day Drinking With Seth Meyers, and of Course, They Get "Sh*t-Faced"

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We all know how much Rihanna loves her wine, so it should come as no surprise that her latest appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers included day drinking. The 31-year-old singer joined Seth for a serious drinking session that included cocktails based on her songs ("Bitch Better Have My Bunny" is a particular highlight), fashion-themed drinking games, a Fenty Beauty makeup lesson, and some very animated dancing to Rihanna's hit "Work." "They're sh*t-faced, y'all," the show's writer Amber Ruffin tweeted, and she's definitely not wrong.

Seth has been a long-time fan of Rihanna, and he most recently told Jimmy Fallon that his wife is totally fine with his crush on her since she loves her, too. We don't think she has anything to worry about anyway. Though Seth and Rihanna clearly got on, she wasn't exactly bowled over by his chat-up lines. Watch the video yourself to see.