Rihanna Adds Another Tattoo to Her Collection

Rihanna made headlines this week when she unveiled her newly added tattoo on Thursday. The singer took to Instagram to debut her fresh "1988" ink, which is on her ankle and marks the year she was born. Rihanna captioned the photo, "killz Tagged by my dear friend @bangbangnyc."

The star's recent tattoo is just one of many. Along with the new ankle ink, she has two different designs on her hand, including Maori tribal designs and chevron lines, which were inspired by henna designs. Rihanna also got her personal motto tattooed on her right shoulder, backwards, in gray ink, and it reads: "Never a failure, always a lesson." See her latest ink in the snap, above, and if you just can't get enough of tattoos, check out 15 sexy stars who are covered in ink plus the ultimate celebrity tattoo roundup.