Things Get Good, Bad, and Ugly for Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin in This Western Spoof

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Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin have had a lot of fun during their press tour for Deadpool 2. On top of getting David Beckham in on the action, they've shared a number of memorable moments, from publicly insulting each other to professing their love for one another. And now, the two stars have once again showed the funny side of their friendship in James Corden's latest sketch.

In a new video, the three can be seen trying to film a spoof remake of the classic Western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Of course, Ryan Reynolds was immediately cast as The Good (I mean, have you seen how cute he is with Blake?), and Josh Brolin got the part of The Bad, leaving James as, you guessed it, The Ugly. Needless to say, the Late Late Show host was not happy with his role, and you'll see in the hilarious video that things quickly went awry.