Saint West and Prince George Have 1 Important Thing in Common: They're Over It

Saint West and Prince George lead very different lives, but at the heart of it all, they're both two of the most famous kids in the world. While Prince George spends his days hanging with the queen, doting on little sister Princess Charlotte, and waving to his fans on the Buckingham Palace balcony, Saint travels with his famous dad, Kanye West, on the road, lives in the California sunshine, and probably naps while mom Kim Kardashian snaps sexy selfies. But despite living thousands of miles apart, they both deal with the same problem: being bothered by people they simply don't have time for. Prince George has charmed us all with his hilarious facial expressions over the years, and now that Saint is almost 8 months old, he's proving that he's following right in the little royal's footsteps. After George seemed totally over a woman trying to talk to him in Australia in 2014, Saint dealt the very same shade during a family outing in NYC in August. Kim shared a snap from their afternoon on Instagram, writing, "I ❤️ my family," but judging by the look on Saint's face, he's just ready to go back inside and play with a few Kanye-approved toys.