14 Times Sam Smith Made You Laugh Out Loud Instead of Sob For a Change

Sam Smith has a knack for making us sob buckets while listening to his beautiful love songs, but the British crooner also has a humorous side to him. In between swooning over his gorgeous photos on Instagram, we've gotten glimpses of Sam's sense of humor over the years. Read on to see all of the times Sam made us laugh instead of cry for a change. Warning: his laugh is so adorable, it's actually contagious.

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When Ellen Scared the Crap Out of Him — Twice!

Ellen is the queen of scares, so it makes sense that the daytime talk show host would be able to scare Sam not once, but twice when he visited her show in October. The second scare even caused him to fall out of his seat!


When He Danced in His Underwear Like No One Was Watching

Something tells us Sam is a lot of fun at parties.


When He Shared This Corn-y Hat Photo

Sam gave fans a good laugh when he wore this corn-shaped hat and posted it on Instagram.


When He Broke the News That He's Straight

Sam was definitely just kidding. He opened up about embracing being labeled as a "gay singer" in a recent interview with The Sunday Times. "I realize that maybe I don't mind that title," he said.


When He Posed Like This on Top of a Table and You Screamed, "Werk!"

In the words of Ru Paul, "You better werk, Sam!"


When He Was So Nervous, He Couldn't Contain Himself . . . Literally

In September, Sam started a countdown with his fans on Twitter ahead of the release of his single "Too Good at Goodbyes." The 25-year-old revealed that he was "sh*tting a brick" one hour before the song's debut.


When He Drunk-Tweeted and Gave Zero F*cks About It

Sam is known for sending out a drunk tweet or two, and we love him even more for it.


When He Was the Cutest Toddler Rapper You've Ever Seen

Sam shared this epic throwback video of himself rapping at 5 years old. Is there anything he can't do? Our guess is no.

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When He Gushed About How Much He Loves Food and You Were Like "Same"

"I prefer food to music and sex," Sam joked during his very first Rolling Stone cover shoot in 2015. "I just love food." Same, Sam, same!


When He Was Caught Singing a Beyoncé Song in the Shower

In 2015, Sam's ex-boyfriend Jonathan uploaded a video of Sam singing his heart out to Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" in the shower. And, yes, he sounds just like the rest of us when we sing Beyoncé in the shower . . . only 10 times better.

When He Was Caught Singing a Beyoncé Song in the Shower
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When He Called Out the Man Who Broke His Heart in His Grammys Speech

Sam took home four awards at the 2015 Grammys, but his speech was the most memorable moment of the night. "I wanna thank the man who this record is about, who I fell in love with last year. Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four Grammys." #Burn.

When Sam Celebrated His Four Grammys Wins With a Burger

When Sam Celebrated His Four Grammys Wins With a Burger

In 2015, Sam told Entertainment Tonight that he planned to ditch the Grammys afterparties and get a burger from In-N-Out instead. A man after our own heart.

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When He Caught a Case of the Giggles in the Middle of an Interview

In 2014, Sam sat down for an interview with VH1 and ended up falling over in his seat after host Ellie Lee flubbed over her words. Warning: his laugh is so damn contagious.