Scott Eastwood Just Dropped a Major Bombshell About Ashton Kutcher's Marriage

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Scott Eastwood made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live alongside Jon Cryer on Thursday night, and because of one question, the interview took quite an interesting turn. A caller initially asked Jon Cryer if it was awkward working with Ashton Kutcher after they both dated Demi Moore (Jon briefly dated Demi in the '80s after they worked on a movie together). Jon began answering the question, but Scott interjected with a shocking bombshell. According to Scott, Ashton slept with his girlfriend while he was married to Demi. Scott then revealed that the girl in question was the central focus of that story that came out of San Diego in 2011, when Ashton reportedly cheated on Demi with two girls. This is one can of worms that's going to be tough to close.