Selena Gomez Reveals She Had Complications After Kidney Transplant: "I Was Freaking Out"

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Selena Gomez and her longtime friend, Francia Raisa, are speaking out about the kidney transplant that changed both of their lives for the first time. The two sat down with Today's Savannah Gunthrie in October, where they opened up about their shared experience. "My kidneys were just done," Selena said while wiping away tears. "That was it. I didn't want to ask a single person in my life, and that was the day I came home and found out. She volunteered and did it." Savannah then asked Selena if she feels Francia saved her life, to which Selena simply responded, "She did."

Francia also revealed she had to write a will before getting the surgery done, because there was no guarantee she would wake up. But while everything went well during her procedure, Selena revealed she actually had complications and had to go back into surgery after the new kidney started turning around inside her body. "My teeth were like grinding, I was freaking out," the singer said. "It was a six-hour surgery that they had to do on me, and the normal kidney process is actually two hours. Apparently one of the arteries had flipped. I'm very grateful that there are people who know what to do in that situation."

The "Wolves" singer, who has been open about her struggle with lupus over the years, revealed on Instagram in September that she had gotten a kidney transplant due to complications from her illness. "There aren't words to describe how I can possibly thank my beautiful friend Francia Raisa," Selena wrote at the time. "She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. I am incredibly blessed. I love you so much sis."