Seriously Distracted Episode 1: "The Nightmare Client" — Guest-Starring OITNB's Kimiko Glenn!

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You know that friend from college? The one who you just can't say no to and who might just have an embarrassing nickname for you? Well, she's here, she's a white-hot mess, and she wants a meeting. Meet the women of Le Grande PR in Seriously Distracted, our new workplace comedy series. We have Paige (Greta Lee), Lily (Morgan Grace Jarrett), and Victoria (Laura Grey) — work BFFs and publicists who are one signing away from their big break.

In this premiere episode, Orange Is the New Black's Kimiko Glenn guest-stars as Paige's college sorority sister who's reemerged and has a few small goals in her career as a pop star. Who wouldn't want to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence or sit next to Anna Wintour at the Met Gala? Totally doable. Paige and Victoria are on it. Watch, enjoy, and then get right along to episode two, where you get to meet Amy Sedaris's character as she navigates the world of Tinder.