These 30 Sexy Blackpink Pics Are So, So, So Hot

Getty | Roger Kisby

If BTS is the only K-pop group you know, then it's time for us to expand your knowledge of South Korean pop stars. Four-woman multinational girl group Blackpink has also introduced millions of fans to the world of K-pop music since their debut in 2016, and they should definitely be on your radar. The group consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, and 2019 has been a pretty epic year for Blackpink. In September 2019, the girl group even became the most-subscribed music group on YouTube, with nearly 30 million subscribers. Their enormous following of Blinks is no doubt due to their talent and incredible fashion sense, but it definitely doesn't hurt that these ladies are sexy as hell, either. If these sexy Blackpink pics don't make you a fan, then we don't know what will.