50 Photos That Will Validate Your Decades-Long Crush on Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is just one of those celebrities who gets better with age. Just when you thought he'd never look hotter than he did back in the '80s, he goes and shows back up on your screen with salt and pepper hair and those adorably cool round-frame glasses. If we're being honest, Jeff is quirky-sexy; the 64-year-old has an unconventional hotness that creeps up on you like, say, a giant velociraptor and then hits you hard like, perhaps, an alien mothership would.

Whether your crush developed watching him play a sex-obsessed journalist in The Big Chill or turning into a fly in The Fly or you experienced a sexual awakening as he spouted off mathematical theories in Jurassic Park and protected us against a savage extraterrestrial attack in Independence Day, you're not alone (or wrong) for harboring a deep, deep passion for Jeff Goldblum. In fact, please do enjoy a healthy number of photos that will validate and encourage your obsession.