12 Sexy Photos of Kekoa Kekumano That'll Convince You to Watch The White Lotus

Sure, I'm watching The White Lotus for the mysterious plot, but I also religiously tune into the HBO miniseries every Sunday night to gawk over Kekoa Kekumano in all his ridiculously good-looking glory. The 23-year-old Hawaiian actor and model plays the role of Kai, a staff member at the White Lotus resort who develops a rather steamy connection with a guest named Paula (Brittany O'Grady). Every time Kekoa pops on screen and flashes his pearly whites and chiseled abs, it's a welcome distraction from the burning question all fans of the buzzy show have been wondering since episode one: Who the f*ck dies at the resort?!

Before joining the HBO family, Kekoa also starred in Aquaman as a young version of Jason Momoa's superhero, and he appeared in five seasons of Hawaii Five-0 as Nahele Huikala. I sincerely hope his latest role only helps him secure more acting gigs in the very near future, because we could all use more of his handsome face in our lives. Just in case you're not fully convinced to hop on The White Lotus train yet, the sexy pictures of Kekoa ahead — many of which are shirtless — should certainly do the trick.

Let's just dive on in head first with this stunner of a photo, shall we?

The blue skies! The equally as blue waters! That chain necklace! Whew, I'm already feeling overwhelmed.

HBO | Mario Perez

Alright, alright — let's pace ourselves and add in a clothed photo so we don't get too overwhelmed too quickly.

JK, back to the shirtless snaps we go.

It doesn't get much better than that smile.

Hey Kekoa, are you giving surfing lessons anytime soon?

If there's another Baywatch remake on the horizon, the casting directors shouldn't have a hard time lining up auditions after seeing this one.

HBO should consider releasing a calendar solely filled with Kekoa's shirtless photos.

This photo single-handedly inspired me to book a vacation to Hawaii.

HBO | Mario Perez

Oh, the things I'd do to swap places with Brittany O'Grady for her scenes with Kekoa in The White Lotus.

Kekoa, we have so much in common! Tito's is also my liquor of choice! Should we just married now, or . . . ?

Gotta love a man with an appetite for adventure.