Laguna Beach May Be Long Gone, but Stephen Colletti Is Still a Total BABE

I had a laundry list of onscreen crushes growing up — Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire, Zack from The Suite Life of Zack of Cody, and Drake Bell from Drake and Josh, to name a few — but they all paled in comparison to the dreamboat that is Stephen Colletti. Every time I heard Hilary Duff belt out "Come Clean" during the intro of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, I knew I was in for 30 minutes of straight-up drooling while watching Stephen endure his drama-packed relationship with Kristin Cavallari. Stephen may have moved on from his MTV days, but he sure as hell hasn't lost those charming good looks that made him the heartthrob of every teenage girl's dreams. Stephen is like a fine wine — he only gets better with age, and the photos below most certainly prove that. All in favor of a modern-day Laguna Beach reboot, please say "aye!"

Getty | Jerod Harris

That button-down is just REALLY workin' for him.

OMG Stephen, how'd you know Rose is my fave?

Just LOOK AT THAT GRIN. Come on, this should be illegal.

Getty | Frederick M. Brown

Even though his spiked hair is giving us 2000s flashbacks, that scruffy facial hair totally makes up for it.

Getty | Ari Perilstein

Looking bronzed and fresh off the beach, as per usual.

Getty | Jonathan Leibson

[Insert multiple flame emoji here]

Mountains? What mountains? I was too busy checking out my bae.

Getty | Randy Shropshire

Well hello there, biceps. Nice to meet you.

Getty | Jonathan Leibson

*zooms in on arm muscles*

I would do unexplainable things to trade spots with that lucky cat right now.

Getty | Neilson Barnard

I'm honestly concerned for his health because it probably hurt so bad when he fell from the heavens.

We'll just let your imagination run wild with this one.

HOW DOES HIS REFLECTION EVEN LOOK SEXY?! THIS IS UNREAL, GUYS. Sorry Bey, but he's got you beat just this once.

Getty | Jason Merritt

I think my screen might shatter because it can't handle this level of attractiveness.

Getty | Araya Diaz

He can honestly rock any hairstyle and still look ridiculously good.

Getty | Kevin Winter

Pardon me, I seem to have lost my ability to breathe.

Getty | Ari Perilstein

I'll have what he's having.

Not really sure about the meaning of this 'gram, but hey, he still looks like a cutie in it.