Zendaya's Confidence Shines Through in Every Single One of These 40+ Photos

When it comes to Zendaya, what truly makes the 24-year-old so stunningly beautiful and sexy is her confidence and comfort in herself. Whether she's going totally makeup-free just because she feels like it or demurely showing off a little skin, she looks completely flawless, and when you add her intelligence and charm, she's the epitome of what we call goals.

But lest you think the singer and Euphoria actress is only about the Hollywood hype, let us remind you that she shops at drugstores and dyes her mom's hair like the rest of us. Just add it all to the list of why we love her.

To see exactly what we mean about her poise being so much of her sex appeal, keep reading for a whole bunch of pictures of Zendaya just being Zendaya.