Sienna and Ryan Make One Good-Looking Pair of Costars

Sienna Miller and Ryan Reynolds were all smiles when they met up on the set of Mississippi Grind in New Orleans on Monday. Sienna returned to work after her personal life got thrust into the spotlight last week. During a phone hacking trial for News of the World reporters, it was revealed that Sienna had cheated on her then-boyfriend Jude Law with Daniel Craig back in 2005. There had been rumors that the Layer Cake costars had had a fling, but the trial forced Sienna and Jude to admit that the rumors were true. Both Jude and Sienna testified in the case, where she referred to her romance with Daniel as "a very brief encounter" and Jude admitted to having an angry phone conversation with Daniel after he had found out about their romance. In addition to watching the affair creep back into the headlines, Sienna also admitted that her behavior during the earlier part of her career had hurt her reputation in Hollywood. She said in an interview with Esquire UK: "It was really bad. People don't want to see films with people they don't approve of." However, she said that she is glad that she has been given a second chance and she has been enjoying a career resurgence in recent years, including a critically acclaimed turn in The Girl. Her personal life appears to be in order as well, as she is currently engaged to Tom Sturridge and the couple have a 1-year-old daughter, Marlowe.