Will Smith Roasting Jaden's Ashy Legs Is a Moisturized Masterpiece

I don't know what we did to deserve Will Smith and his family, but I'm glad they're here to bring us so much joy. When they're not trolling each other over their fashion choices, they're apparently making fun of each other's dry skin. On Saturday, Will shared a hilarious clip of him dragging Jaden for having ashy legs. "As a parent, you learn to accept your children and love them, no matter how much lotion they need on their legs," the 50-year-old actor says in the video before the camera pans to Jaden.

Jaden tries to explain his desiccated look by blaming it on recycled air in a plane (which actually does make your skin dry). "You can't travel with the big coconut oil. They don't have travel-size coconut oil," the 20-year-old rapper said. But it didn't stop Will from roasting him as the video cuts to a graphic of a lotion bottle with the name "Dryre" — a satirical reference to Jaden's album Syre.

The father-son duo recently took the stage together at Coachella for a high-energy performance. So maybe Jaden's legs also haven't had enough time to recuperate from the desert? I don't know — someone just get him a jar of coconut oil for his parched skin, please.