This Is What It Would Look Like If Sansa and Jon Snow Starred in a Fragrance Ad Together

Shaking? Sweating? Nightmares about hungry dogs? An uncontrollable urge to start screaming, "Where are my dragons?" Don't panic: you just have Game of Thrones withdrawal. Although there's no known cure other than new episodes (which sadly won't arrive for a long, long time) Sophie Turner and Kit Harington — aka Sansa Stark and Jon Snow — are here to help. Sophie posted a #TBT with her scruffy costar on Instagram on Thursday, and although it isn't 60 minutes of GOT goodness, their duck faces are definitely easing our pain. "Post-Emmys Pout-off 👍#tbt," she captioned the black-and-white snap, which looks like it was plucked right out of a sultry fragrance ad. Can you imagine if Jon and Sansa had their own line of perfumes? Although we're not sure how well "Sad Snowflake" or "Eau de Dead Husbands" would sell, we are certain that season seven is going to be worth the wait.