These Photos of the Suicide Squad Cast Hanging With Fans Make Being Bad Look Oh So Good

Suicide Squad doesn't hit theaters until Aug. 5, but the cast is using the final days before the big release to connect with their fans. Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jay Hernandez, and Karen Fukuhara attended a block party in Miami on Monday in honor of their upcoming film, and to say it looked like a blast would definitely be an understatement. In addition to revealing colorful murals that depict their equally colorful characters, the stars mingled with fans, took selfies, and posed for photos on the red carpet with director David Ayer. Will even grabbed the microphone and ran around to high five the excited crowd. One star who sadly missed out on the fun was Jared Leto, who plays the infamous Joker in the film. Keep reading to see more from the cast's afternoon in Miami, then check out the movie's official pictures.