Taylor Swift's Dad, Cutest Human, Delivers Pizza to Fans Waiting in Line to See His Daughter

Getty | Rick Diamond

Taylor Swift fans camped out in Central Park the night before her Good Morning America concert Thursday received quite the tasty surprise: a pizza delivery from Taylor's team — and her dad, Scott Swift! During the wee hours of Wednesday evening, Scott and company casually stopped by the barricaded queue of dedicated Swifties with stacks of pizza boxes in hand to make their hours-long wait a bit more bearable. Scott, who also handed out customized guitar picks with Taylor's Lover album art on them, happily posed for selfies with ecstatic fans who understandably couldn't calm down at the sight of Papa Swift in the flesh. We stan a supportive dad!

The morning of Taylor's GMA performance, she chatted with host Robin Roberts about her 67-year-old dad's late-night treat delivery. "As a family, it blows our mind that people would want to do that. For my parents, they're like, 'That's my kid! People are waiting on the sidewalk to see her sing!' It's really astonishing to us," Taylor said. Ahead, see all the fun photos and videos of fans hanging out with Papa Swift in Central Park, and you'll undoubtedly feel a twinge of FOMO. Can someone get this guy a Cutest Celebrity Dad award?