Taylor Swift Is Put in the Hot Seat For Being a "Crazy Cat Lady"

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Taylor Swift is making the rounds to promote her new album, 1989, in London this week, and along the way, she stopped by The Graham Norton Show for a hilarious group interview with legendary actor John Cleese and cricketer Kevin Pietersen. It didn't take long for Graham to show pictures of Taylor's cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson, after which John let out a slew of criticisms about the singer's furry friends. Sure, we've seen several versions of Taylor's surprise face over the years, but nothing can prepare you for the looks she gave the guys, especially after John said cats are "unpredictable and cussed, like women." Watch her priceless and tactful reaction to the insult in the video above, and then find out which other stars are self-professed cat ladies.