Tom Hanks Stole a Cardboard Cutout of Himself, and He Totally Got Away With It

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If you thought Sheriff Woody could do no wrong, think again! During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, Tom Hanks snuck into the Hollywoodland Experience gift shop to commit a dastardly deed: he stole a cardboard cutout of himself. After deeming Tom, aka America's dad, too "wonderful and perfect," Jimmy dared the beloved actor to nab his cardboard twin without getting caught. Tom's response? "The only thing I'm gonna get arrested for is being too charming."

As the Toy Story 4 star traveled through the gift shop and charmed unsuspecting tourists, he made sure to leave a little message on a cutout of his Saving Private Ryan costar Matt Damon's face. Not only did Tom successfully snag the cutout of himself, but he also grabbed an armful of fake Oscars to share with the Live! audience. Watch the full video to see all of Tom's shenanigans and what he does when he finally makes it back to the studio with his cardboard doppelgänger.