Tom Holland Reacts to Benedict Cumberbatch's Impression of Him With a Few Helpful Critiques

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Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon stopped by BBC 1 Radio to promote their new film Spider-Man: Far From Home, and during the chat, another beloved member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came up in conversation: Benedict Cumberbatch. When the interviewer asked Tom if he's seen Benedict's impersonation of him — which the Doctor Strange actor did during an interview about Avengers: Infinity War — the Spider-Man star revealed that he has indeed seen the impression. "He hasn't got the accent or the voice, but he's got the energy," said Tom (who ironically was recently impersonated by his other MCU costar Jake Gyllenhaal).

The two costars spent quite a bit of time together last year while doing a press junket for Infinity War, and Benedict had to keep Tom from spoiling anything major during their joint interviews. So it's easy to see how he picked up a thing or two about Tom's jaunty personality!