17 Sexy Reasons Vanessa Morgan Is About to Become Your New Obsession on Riverdale

The second season of Riverdale premieres on Oct. 11, and there are some new faces in town. One of those faces in question is Vanessa Morgan, who plays a bisexual student named Toni Topaz from Southside High. The 25-year-old Canadian actress is excited to portray a character who likes both men and women, and fans are already shipping her with several characters on the show. "Right now, I'm seeing a lot of me and Cheryl. Then I'm seeing me and Betty. People are shipping hard for different storylines," Vanessa told POPSUGAR back in August. While we wait to see who Vanessa ends up with on Riverdale, take a look at 17 reasons she's about to become your new girl crush (all in sexy photo form).