Victoria Beckham Became Posh Spice Again and Danced to "Spice Up Your Life"

Victoria Beckham brought her Spice Girls moves to London Fashion Week on Sunday, and it's pretty amazing. Following her show, the fashion designer posted a video of her jamming out to her former girl group's hit "Spice Up Your Life" during her afterparty. In the clip, Victoria throws her hands in the air while "slam it to the left / shake it to the right" blasts in the background. It looks like she's genuinely having a great time fist pumping and singing along. She even got a round of applause afterward, because obviously she deserves it.

This video comes days after Mel B made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and confirmed that the Spice Girls reunion tour was happening. However, Mel B said Victoria was the only original Spice Girl who wasn't for sure going to join the group, at least for the whole tour. But Mel hopes that Victoria will be available to do a few shows. Maybe we're leaping to conclusions here, but perhaps Victoria's mini concert at London Fashion Week is a bit of foreshadowing. One can only hope.