Warren Beatty Opens Up About His Transgender Son For the First Time: "He's My Hero"

Warren Beatty and his wife, Annette Bening, are the proud parents to their four children, Ella, 16, Isabel, 19, Benjamin, 22, and Stephen, 24. While the couple are basically Hollywood royalty, they've always kept their private lives out of the spotlight, but in a new interview for Vanity Fair's November issue, the actor opens up for the first time about his transgender son, Stephen. "He's a revolutionary, a genius, and my hero, as are all my children," Warren told the magazine. Stephen, who was born Kathlyn Elizabeth, started transitioning at the age of 14 and has since become an outspoken trans activist.

In addition to voicing his support for his kids, Warren also admitted to feeling a bit lonely now that they're all mostly out of the house. "There's something about the empty nest that makes you say, 'Well, maybe I should go out and make a movie,'" he continued. "It's like Cocteau said [quoting the French poet Paul Valery], 'A poem is never finished, it's only abandoned.' And that's the way it is with movies — like children. You continue to work on them, and work on them, but then you have to let them go."