Dylan Minnette's Girlfriend Lydia Night Is a Badass Rainbow-Haired Rock Star

Lydia Night is already a gorgeous punk rock star who's sported a dozen different hair colors and has a style that's totally her own. Yes, the 18-year-old is also the girlfriend of 13 Reasons Why actor (and Wallows band member) Dylan Minnette, but the spunky teen is way more than just that. As the daughter of director and producer Morgan Higby Night and lead vocalist for California-based punk band The Regrettes, Lydia is a full-fledged cool girl, and here are just 10 reasons you should know her and her music (and not just because she's Clay Jensen's IRL girlfriend, thanks).


She Has a Totally Enviable (and Entirely Unique) Sense of Style


She Has a Wicked Sense of Humor (Seriously, Where Can We Get a Pair of Those "I Have to Pee" Socks?)


She Is Never Afraid to Experiment With Unconventional Hair Colors


She Cares More About Having Fun Than Looking Cool (Which, of Course, Only Makes Her Cooler)


She and Dylan Are Just Too F*cking Cute


She Is a Lover of All Things Cute and Cuddly


She Always Shows Her Parents Mad Love


She Is Wildly Talented (and Has an Incredible Stage Presence to Boot)


She Might Be the Coolest Person Ever, TBH