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Get to Know Mitchell Hoog From Saved by the Bell

Meet Zac Morris's Son, Mac! 4 Fun Facts About Saved by the Bell's Mitchell Hoog

Get to Know Mitchell Hoog From Saved by the Bell
Image Source: NBC

Instead of traveling home for Thanksgiving, we're going back to Bayside High in California! Well, at least, in our heads, as we will technically never be leaving the comfort of our own couch (read: we live here now) when the Saved by the Bell reboot premieres Nov. 25! While we're super excited to see all the returning characters (Mario Lopez still looks so good, TBH), there's one new character in particular who has already caught our attention: Mitchell Hoog will play Mac Morris, the charming son of California Governor Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar).

While there's no doubt that Hoog looks good on screen — have you seen this trailer? — the man also is pretty fascinating in real life. From his philosophy on maintaining his mental, physical, and spiritual well-being to what he's accomplished during the pandemic, this Colorado native is really cool IRL. Read these fun facts about Hoog in the slides ahead as you're waiting for the show to premiere on Peacock on Nov. 25.

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