Would You Recognize OITNB's "Ouija" If You Bumped Into Her on the Street?

We waited a long time for the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black, and it certainly did not disappoint. In addition to seeing more of "Skinhead" Helen and the drugged-out dynamic duo of Leanne (Emma Myles) and Angie (Julie Lake), we got a closer look at Carmen "Ouija" Aziza (Rosal Colon). Rosal plays a tough Dominican inmate who gets transferred to Litchfield and becomes part of Maria Flores's gang, but her makeunder definitely doesn't do her justice.

Judging from her Instagram photos, Rosal is a lot more glamorous and bubbly in real life. In fact, Rosal says the only thing she and Ouija have in common is their sense of humor. "My character in Orange Is The New Black is strong, intelligent, likes to joke a lot, is not afraid to be violent if you have to rectify a situation or if you have to defend your sisters," Rosal told People En Español in 2016. "What I have in common with my character is that we're both clowns, sometimes. Maybe not in the best situations but we like to laugh." While Rosal's transformation may not be as drastic as the others, we're still not sure if we would recognize her on the street.