We're Delighted to Inform You That Mr. Feeny Is on Instagram, and His Captions Are Pure Gold

Wholesome. Pure. Life-giving. These are just a few choice words to describe William Daniels's Instagram account. Best known for playing Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, the 92-year-old actor first joined Instagram back in 2016, and although he posts relatively infrequently, you can always count on his photos and witty captions to brighten your day and make you miss the John Adams High School crew.

William — or Fee-hee-hee-hee-nay, as we so lovingly prefer to still call him to this day — shares adorable glimpses into his personal life, from family photos and Boy Meets World cast reunions to selfies with his wife, Bonnie Bartlett, to whom he's been married for 68 years (and who you may recognize as BMW's Dean Bolander). In case you're not already following Mr. Feeny on the 'gram, I've done my due diligence and gathered his cutest posts to date. Check 'em out below before slamming that blue "Follow" button on @mrbilldaniels's account.

Let's Kick Things Off With His Very First Post on the 'Gram

He Wasted No Time Getting In on the #TBT Action

Could He and His Wife Possibly Be Any Cuter?!

Hah! Here He Is Making Fun of His Own Book

He Advocated For Bike Safety While Posting This Sweet Snap With Bonnie

We Stan a Nap-Loving King

Aww! He and Bonnie Are College Sweethearts!

Even His Self-Promotions Are Pure AF

Oh, the Things I'd Do to Casually Hang With Bill on a Couch Like That

Get a Load of That Swing!

SOS, My Heart Just Melted Into a Puddle Over This Caption

Honestly, Goals

Scroll on This Gallery to See Bill Playing the "Tummy Drum" and Prepare to LOL

Ahh! The Gang's All Here

Hey Bill, Can We Borrow That Shirt?

Here's Another Boy Meets World Cast Reunion — Please Enjoy the Caption

His Sense of Humor Is Just Divine