Reese "Wreath" Witherspoon Gives Hollywood's Biggest Stars Christmas Nicknames

Just in case you weren't already aware, Reese Witherspoon really loves the holidays. In fact, the Big Little Lies actress loves this time of year so much that she recently decided to share her deep knowledge of all things Christmas with the world. To promote her company Draper James's new Christmas line, Reese stars in a new video titled, "Thoughts From a Wicker Chair: Christmas Edition." In the clip, Reese, who is famously known as "Wreath" Witherspoon during the Winter months, sits in a beautifully decorated living room while giving some of her biggest celebrity pals festive nicknames (Santa Bullock, Jolly Parton, and Elf Macpherson are a few of our favorites). Grab a cup of hot cocoa and watch Reese in all her Christmas glory above.